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Sonny Talks Sports Podcast: NFL Week 5 Picks

On this edition of the Sonny Talks Sports Podcast, Sonny and his weekly NFL picks co-host Paul Clark make their picks for the Week 5 NFL games, and touch on some of the biggest league storylines, including:

-In this particularly wacky NFL season, who are currently the Top 6 teams in the league?

-Can the Oakland Raiders survive without Derek Carr for the next month?

-Are Buffalo Bills fans in for yet another heartbreak?

-Are the Pittsburgh Steelers on the verge of breaking out?

-Could Joe Flacco win The Weekly Worst Award in back-to-back weeks?

-Is it possible that the Philadelphia Eagles have surpassed the Dallas Cowboys as the best team in the NFC East?

-Will the NFC West torch be passed from the Seattle Seahawks to Los Angeles Rams?

-Is Mitchell Trubisky the Quarterback of the future in Chicago?


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Sonny Giuliano

Contributor at Hardwood and Hollywood
I'm a wanna-be NBA historian, aspiring Bracketologist, and the greatest racket sport player you'll ever meet. I write and talk about the NBA, NFL, College Basketball and any relevant pop culture topics. My parents taught me never to talk to strangers, but if you ever want to engage in a friendly sports debate, you can follow or harass me on Twitter @SonnyCG.

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