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American Basketball League To Debut In 2013

According to a series of tweets by Yahoo! Sports’ Marc J. Spears, the American Basketball League is on the horizon for 2013 and will be the first United States-based basketball league that will play with FIBA rules.

It will be interesting to watch the league grow because if it does become a “feeder” for FIBA teams overseas, this league has to be considered a success. A real problem I see with the American Basketball League is the fact that all of the teams are located down in the southern United States, which will limit the league’s fan appeal, at least for those that want to actually watch the games live and in-person. Of course with the internet, you can basically watch anything and anywhere. However, there’s nothing like being part of a visceral crowd cheering and booing the teams on the hardwood.

The competing salaries relative to what the NBA D-League pays is a smart decision by the American Basketball League because I’ve read grumblings about the D-League pay and the ABL’s increase isn’t even that much, but it’s significant enough to sway a player. But, how will NBA teams look at the league? I would imagine they’d be more apt to bring a player up from an NBA-related league, but talent is talent.

Good luck to the American Basketball League, which I hope flourishes because it will be another viable option for ballers trying to eat!

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