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Will Stephen Curry Sign A Contract Extension?

Stephen Curry has thus far been a mild disappointment for the Golden State Warriors, not necessarily stats-wise, however. It’s really all about his fragility last season and the possibility of a chronic ankle injury. However, Curry is still young at 24-years-old and hasn’t reached his peak yet, plus he’s a very good basketball player.

Curry flourished in his first two NBA seasons, averaging 18.0 points on 47.0% shooting from the field and 91.1% from the free-throw line, 5.9 assists, 4.2 rebounds, 2.1 treys, and 1.7 steals. He showed a very versatile game and his ability to transition to being a point guard in the league, which was a question about Curry when coming out of Davidson.

According to Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News, both the Warriors and Stephen Curry are amiable to getting a contract extension done, but both sides have some considerations to ponder. October 31st is the deadline to get this extension deal done, otherwise, Curry will become a restricted free agent during the 2013 offseason.

For the Dubs, it’s all about Curry’s ankle and if it will hinder him to a high degree moving forward. They’ll have all of training camp next month to assess Curry’s health. For Curry, the possibility of signing an offer from another team for more money than what the Warriors will extend to him now is something to think hard about. Even with his injury woes last season that saw Stephen Curry miss 40 games, he’s a valued player around the NBA because he’s young, can score, pass, hit from deep, and not a complete liability on defense.

Kawakami expects the deal to be four-years at $42 million. I think it’ll be around $48 million at $12 million per on a four-year deal, which sounds about right for a young franchise player. Otherwise, if Curry hits free agency, there will be a frenzy trying to get Stephen Curry to leave the Warriors.

And as we all saw this past offseason, no matter how much a franchise may really want a player to stay, if the contract offer from another team is ridiculously backloaded, the original team will back off. Ask the New York Knicks and Jeremy Lin. If Curry stays with the Warriors for the next several seasons, I believe the extension deal has to happen before October 31st because he has Charlotte, North Carolina roots and the professional team in Charlotte will just happen to have a lot of money to spend next summer.

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