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Paul McCartney wants a Brooklyn Nets t-shirt BAD!

How super cool are the Brooklyn Nets? “A Beatle wanting one of your t-shirts” cool. Or maybe Paul McCartney is just cheap? Nah, I’m sure the guy has a lot of money and could buy out the Nets Store in Barclays Center. It must be flattering to some degree that music royalty like McCartney was even at a Nets game, which wasn’t really one since Joe Johnson went off for 29 points in the third quarter and made this a 130-94 laugher versus the Philadelphia 76ers. But, it’s super dope that there was this much enthusiasm from the old rocker who wrote so many classic songs. I bet if the Brooklyn Nets win an NBA title, John Lennon’s ghost will want a free t-shirt too! Rest in power, John!

Check the video below of Paul McCartney getting buckwild trying to get a shirt.

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