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BMF Lifestyle: Nike Air Max 90 Ice and Lunar90

Courtesy of Nike in announcement of their ‘Air Superiority’ Air Max 90 2014 selection — the pack includes the Nike Air Max 90 Ice, along with the Air Max 90 Jacquard and Air Max Lunar90, both of which have featured previously at Baller Mind Frame.

Check below for more on the Air Max 90 Ice, as well as new pics of the Air Max Lunar90 — also, be sure to follow @BMFKicks on Instagram and Tumblr.

In Spring 2014, Nike celebrates the power of its innovation with the release of three new versions of the Air Max 90— the Nike Air Max Lunar90, Air Max 90 Jacquard and Air Max 90 Ice. One of the more popular silhouettes in the Air Max family, the Air Max 90’s iconic midsole and upper components are the perfect canvas to lionize Nike’s pinnacle technologies: Lunarlon foam, no-sew construction, jacquard weaving and Phylon.

A decade after Nike Air was introduced as a cushioning system, a revolution was born. Using visible air, legendary Nike designer Tinker Hatfield forever changed the design of running sneakers and developed a new ethos for Nike’s approach to innovation; letting innovation speak for itself. Nike Air Max would become one of the most recognizable sneaker families, worn and coveted all over the world. The overwhelming success of the Air Max line proves that sneaker technology not only provides performance benefits, but can also create new aesthetics.


Air Max 90 Ice

Harking back to the original mantra of Air Max, the Air Max 90 Ice pushes “making the invisible visible” to the maximum. Taking inspiration from the Ice edition of the Nike+ Fuelband, this version of the Air Max 90 utilizes a translucent outsole to show off the most unsung of cushioning heroes; Phylon. Translucence also appears on the upper in the form of see-through Hyperfuse construction, which allows the computer generated geometric graphic to appear without distraction. The Air Max 90 Ice is Air Max seen like never before.

Sp14_NSW_AM90_M_Heel_ICE_Red_V2_26442 Sp14_NSW_AM90_LNR_ICE_M_Red_3Q_V2(1)_26436 Sp14_NSW_AM90_LNR_ICE_M_Red_P_V2_01_26438 Sp14_NSW_AM90_LNR_ICE_M_Red_P_V2_02_26437 Sp14_NSW_AM90_LNR_ICE_M_Red_P_V2_26444 Sp14_NSW_AM90_LNR_ICE_M_Red_SU_V2_26439Sp14_NSW_AM90_LNR_ICE_M_Grn_3Q_V2(1)_26435 Sp14_NSW_AM90_LNR_ICE_M_Grn_3Q_V2_26430 Sp14_NSW_AM90_LNR_ICE_M_Grn_P_V2_01_26429 Sp14_NSW_AM90_LNR_ICE_M_Grn_P_V2_02_26431 Sp14_NSW_AM90_LNR_ICE_M_Grn_P_V2_26433 Sp14_NSW_AM90_LNR_ICE_M_Grn_SU_V2(1)_26434 Sp14_NSW_AM90_LNR_ICE_M_Grn_SU_V2_26432

Bonus: Nike Air Max Lunar90 — new images:

Sp14_NSW_AM90_LNR_M_GyVt_3Q_V2_01_26402 Sp14_NSW_AM90_LNR_M_GyVt_3Q_V2_02_26401 Sp14_NSW_AM90_LNR_M_GyVt_3Q_V2_26404 Sp14_NSW_AM90_LNR_M_GyVt_P_V3.jpg_26400 Sp14_NSW_AM90_LNR_M_GyVt_P_V3_26405 Sp14_NSW_AM90_LNR_M_GyVt_SU_V1(1)_26406 Sp14_NSW_AM90_LNR_M_GyVt_SU_V1_26403Sp14_NSW_AM90_LNR_W_GyBl_P_V3_26409 Sp14_NSW_AM90_LNR_W_GyBl_P_V3_26446 Sp14_NSW_AM90_LNR_W_GyBl_SU_V3_26407 Sp14_NSW_AM90_LNR_W_GyBl_SU_V3_26445 Sp14_NSW_AM90_LNR_W_GyBl_3Q_V3_01_26410 Sp14_NSW_AM90_LNR_W_GyBl_3Q_V3_02_26408 Sp14_NSW_AM90_LNR_W_GyBl_3Q_V3_26411

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