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The Dets: Nike Air Force 1 ‘Tribal’ x Brush Footwear


The Dets at Baller Mind Frame: All visual details here, folks. Plenty to see here — not much to read. Still, enjoy.

Courtesy of Brush Footwear | featuring the Nike Air Force 1 ‘Tribal’ x Brush Footwear


The Nike Air Force 1 ‘Tribal’ is an exclusive custom release, produced by artist Ben Smith of Brush Footwear. See more at

IMG_8553-L IMG_8563-L IMG_8584-L IMG_8590-L IMG_8613-L IMG_8550-L IMG_7819-L IMG_7851-L IMG_7854-L IMG_7862-L IMG_7880-L IMG_8070-L IMG_8071-L IMG_8079-L IMG_8086-L IMG_8087-L IMG_8090-L IMG_8093-L IMG_8095-L IMG_8097-XL IMG_8128-L IMG_8133-L IMG_8135-L IMG_7790-L IMG_7792-L IMG_7807-L IMG_7811-L IMG_7813-L


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