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BMF Style: The Roots of Fight Bruce Lee Collection

Courtesy of Under Armour

Under Armour has once again collaborated with Roots of Fight for a ground-breaking global product release that pays tribute to the iconic Bruce Lee.

The transcendent Bruce Lee still serves as an incredible role model for all athletes— no matter the sport or fighting discipline. Lee paved the way for all martial artists to succeed through hard work, dedication, and absolute focus. His legacy is immortal.

The Roots of Fight™ Bruce Lee Collection will include Mens, Women’s, and Youth gear. It is currently available at

PS1264321-025_F PS1264319-025_F PS1264320-025_B PS1264320-025_F PS1264322-100_F PS1264322-100_B PS1264323-005_F PS1264323-005_B PS1264324-600_F PS1264324-600_B


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