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Rex Ryan Named as Buffalo Bills New Head Coach

Image courtesy of Alan Kotok/Flickr

Image courtesy of Alan Kotok/Flickr

Ex-New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan was recently hired by the Buffalo Bills to be their head coach. Ryan held a press conference on Wednesday and addressed many questions from the media. Ryan seemed more like his old self, after suffering these last few seasons with an underperforming Jets team. He sounded very upbeat, and was back to his old ways, with some memorable predictions. Here are some of the key points that Rex Ryan touched on during his press conference.

Rex Ryan came right out, and in typical Ryan fashion guaranteed a Bills playoff berth. If this prediction comes true it would be the first time in the last 15 years the Bills would make the postseason. He also followed up by saying the team’s goal this year would be a “pursuit of the Super Bowl.”

When Ryan was asked about facing the New England Patriots and Jets in a fourth of the Bills total games, his face lit up like a spotlight. Grinning from ear to ear, Ryan let everyone know that the rivalries in the AFC East were a huge draw for him. Having Rex stay in the division, and continue his rivalry with Patriots coach Bill Belechick and then facing his former team twice will be a huge draw for NFL fans everywhere. Many fans enjoy rivalries, and Ryan has always been one to speak his mind, usually adding drama and humor to those rivalries.

Ryan then touched on loyalty. He made it seem as past coach Doug Marrone was un-loyal by opting out of his contract early, and that Ryan would bring an air of loyalty to the organization that would rival the loyalty the Bills fans have shown to the organization over the years.

Ryan talked about things he may have learned from his tenure with the Jets, and touched on needing a competent quarterback in order to compete. Ryan had struggles with quarterbacks his entire time in New York, and is inheriting another quarterback in E.J. Manuel, who has struggled in the past as well. Look for Ryan to try and find the future quarterback either in the NFL Draft or free agency, if he doesn’t believe Manuel can get the job done.

Rex Ryan is known around the league as a defensive guru, and had several seasons of top defenses while with the Jets. Ryan is inheriting a top 5 defense in Buffalo, but he wants more from them. Ryan was quoted as saying he “wants to build a bully.” Rex believes the Bills will be the number one defense at the end of the season, and will beat up on all the other teams they play. Knowing Rex Ryan, this will be one fact that comes true. Everywhere he’s been, his defenses have been top-notch, and produce well on the field.

Several Bills players were on social media after the press conference touting the energy that Ryan brought today. Rex Ryan has always been known as a player’s coach, and his players have always defended and loved him. Things should be no different in Buffalo. One thing is for sure, as in the past, we will all be watching these AFC East games with a little extra intrigue this season.

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