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Tom Brady Just Talking About Balls


I would think that if you’re an NFL fan, at the very least, you’d know all about the New England Patriots, who will face the Seattle Seahawks in next week’s Super Bowl, allegedly deflating the footballs in their AFC Championship match-up against the Indianapolis Colts. Deflate Gate is one popular term for the controversy. Colts QB Andrew Luck chimed in on the game, and “accidentally” on the deflated footballs last Sunday, when asked about the game after being the first overall pick for the NFL Pro Bowl to be played this weekend:

“The energy is sort of sucked out of you, you do feel deflated,” Luck told reporters. As those present chuckled at Luck’s word choice, he sheepishly realized he had stepped right into the hubbub.

“Aww, shoot,” he said.

Keep it real, Andrew! How did Patriots QB Tom Brady respond to the allegations? He basically tried to brush it away and gave a sort of “I don’t know what you’re talking about” answer. Below is a video of a humorous take on his talking about the balls that were allegedly deflated. Enjoy the re-mix!

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