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Constantine Review: Waiting for the Man (Season Finale)

This week’s Constantine was the season finale and quite possibly the series finale. So, it’s surprising that most of the episode focused on a missing girl who was lured by a bunch of other little girls into entering some sort of child bride situation? It was a strange note for them to go out on, although I heard the child bride storyline was one of the strongest ones in the Hellblazer comics, so I guess they wanted to work it in.

He once again teams up with Jim Corrigan in his search to find the missing girl. Constantine electrocutes himself after exposing himself to her DNA in order to give himself visions. This Tibetan process makes him bleed out his eyes, but he says there wasn’t any other way. The process allowed him to see through the missing girl’s eyes to figure out where she was taken from.

As far as finale stuff: the Rising Darkness is approaching and there’s a bounty on Constantine that Papa Midnite is after. They also moved closer to Jim Corrigan becoming The Spectre.

Zed Martin continued her personal journey and Manny shows up to give her advice. She’s surprised and says that John says he never shows up when he calls. Manny tells her that John doesn’t ask as nicely as her. He pointed out that it’s a great thing that as a human she gets the choice of whether or not to use her powers, since he has an angel doesn’t have that freedom. He tells her, “It’s not all harps and halos for us. We have rules to follow.”

Unsurprisingly, the episode didn’t wow me anymore than what came before. The foundation of reasons to care about these characters just wasn’t there to create the impact they were going for with big cliffhanger moments. It feels like these characters have a lot of potential, so maybe we can all forget this show happened and FX can create a Hellblazer TV show next season?

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