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Dope, Sick & Sexy: Jordan Brand Holiday 2015 Retro Lineup

Sneakerheads that are really into Jordan Brand always excited get about the holidays. The reason? The releases! This year won’t be different. Jordan Brand will release three pairs of Air Jordan 8 Retros, a pair of Air Jordan 1 Retros, as well as Air Jordan 14 Retro Lows and some Air Jordan 7 Retros. Let’s jump right into the Jordan Brand Holiday 2015 Retro Lineup and start with the AJ8s.

Yes, your prayers have been heard, Jordan Brand is going to re-retro the ‘Aqua’. I know you love this news. The Air Jordan 8 Retro is the grail sneaker of many a sneakerhead and everyone seems to love it … but me, of course. Don’t get it twisted, among all the Air Jordan 8s, the Aqua colorway is definitely the dopest. I’m just not too much of a fan of the Air Jordan 8 silhouette. But that’s just me, maybe I’m weird.

305381-025_D1_Midsole_38413 305381-025_A1_Lateral_38414 305381-025_A4_Pair_38410 305381-025_A5_Pair_Heels_38411 305381-025_D1_Tongue_38412

The other colorways dropping are less popular but still dope. The “Three Times a Charm” colorway is the most kitten-ish amongst the three (it looks like a kitten, guys), while the “Black & Chrome” colorway is straight-up mean. I like shoes that look mean. The AJ1s are a classic AJ1. I can’t say too much about it, but I feel the colorway. It’s “Carolina”. Nice, clean, and simple. On to the next one.


305381-142_D1_Graphics_38418 305381-142_A1_Lateral_38416 305381-142_A4_Pair_38415 305381-142_A5_Pair_Heels_38417 305381-142_D2_tongue_38419

305381-003_A1_Lateral_38405 305381-003_A4_Pair_38406 305381-003_A5_Pair_Heels_38407 305381-003_D1_Back3q_38408 305381-003_D2_Twenty3_38409 Untitled_38431 HO15-MNJDLS-992_A1_Lateral_38428 HO15-MNJDLS-992_A4_Pair_38426 HO15-MNJDLS-992_A5_Pair_Heels_38427 HO15-MNJDLS-992_D2_Tongue_97_38429

The AJ14 Retro Low has one of the most outlandish silhouettes of all the shoes off of the Jordan collection. You either love it or just don’t. Unfortunately, I’m not feeling it too much. It’s just the whole “My shoes are supposed to look like a car”-thing that I don’t really understand. Plus, the logo in that emblem design ways reminds me of those gross Ferrari Pumas. Yes, it’s a trauma. I’m sorry. But the Laney colorway suits the shoe very well. No hateration over here.

Ho15_AJ14Low_A1_Lateral_38420 Ho15_AJ14Low_A4_Pair_38422 Ho15_AJ14Low_A5_Pair_Heels_38421 Ho15_AJ14Low_D2_JumpMan_38424 Ho15_AJ14Low_Toe_38423

Last, but not least, my favorite pair off of the collection.

304775-142_Back3Q_38403 304775-142_A1_Lateral_38401 304775-142_A4_Pair_38400 304775-142_A5_Pair_Heels_38402 304775-142_D1_Tongue_38404

The AJ7 that is inspired by MJ’s sweater is dope! The loud pattern combined with the white base in order to tone the whole thing down. Sexy. The old school color combo, is sick and accentuates the 90s feel of the sneaker. The holidays will be exciting and will carry something for everyone’s taste.

Photos courtesy of Nike

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