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WATCH: Bob Barker and Adam Sandler Recreate Classic ‘Happy Gilmore’ Scene

Once upon a time, Adam Sandler was one of the funniest human beings on earth. The former Saturday Night Live star left the small screen to produce his own slapstick comedies. For a while, Sandler couldn’t miss. Movies like Billy Madison and the hilarious golf movie, Happy Gilmore made him a star.

Speaking of Happy Gilmore, remember the scene where Happy and Price is Right host Bob Barker got into a fight on the golf course?

One of the funniest and most memorable scenes in the film was Bob Barkers epic ass-kicking of Happy Gilmore on the golf course.

The scene was not just one of the funniest scenes of the movie, but it became one of the most memorable scenes of Sandler’s career.

Recently, the two reconnected to recreate their scene for Comedy Central’s, “Night of Too Many Stars.”

Nearly two decades later, the two still can’t seem to get along. Sandler and Barker get into another knock down, drag-out brawl in a hospital that will have you falling out of chair laughing.

One day, these two might squash their longtime beef, but for now, I’m happy that they’re not.

“Night of Too Many Stars” airs tonight on Comedy Central

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