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‘Fantastic Four’ Trailer Looks…Fantastic!

The second Fantastic Four trailer looks very promising, and the film seems like it will be better than previous efforts. Much better. The film is in the hands of a young talent named Josh Trank, a very capable director/writer that gave us Chronicle. The cast seems pretty solid as well, but let’s hope the flick does something different with the origin story approach.

The Thing actually looks pretty badass this time around (and he doesn’t look like a walking hunk of turd), and it seems like the atmosphere overall will be a little grittier than the films from the early 2000’s. The cast is made up of very capable actors that aren’t quite household names yet. Two in particular stand out. Miles Teller, who was the protagonist in Whiplash, plays Reed Richards, and seems very capable of playing the intelligent, but flawed leader of the group. Teller’s showed us his acting chops in Whiplash, and although he looks a bit young, he seems to fit the role well. Michael B. Jordan, who gave a gripping performance in Fruitvale Station, plays Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch. Jordan is the type of actor that has a magnetic personality onscreen, which is perfect for the role of Johnny Storm.

The trailer showcases bits of the Fantastic Four discovering their powers, and it is very exciting to see indeed. It’s not cartoonish, and it seems like the characters are dangerous, instead of cute like in the previous films. However, the keyword here is “seems.”

Oh, yes, you also get to see a bit of Dr. Doom. Check it out:


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