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Microsoft, Xbox One and the NFL Bring you the Xbox One NFL Draft App and Draft Tracker

Image courtesy of Microsoft.

Image courtesy of Microsoft.

Word on the street is that May 2nd is being touted as the “Greatest Day in Sports.” Now I’ve seen some damn great days in sports, but you can’t deny the star-studded, plethora of sporting action that is taking place come Saturday, 5/2/15. With the Kentucky Derby, NHL & NBA Playoffs, Marquee MLB Rivalry matchups between the Yankees and Red Sawks and the Mets and Capitals, the English Premier League showdown between Manchester City and Tottenham, there will be enough sports to fill every sports bar from the Bronx, NY to Seattle Washington. On top of all that, the boxing match of the year, maybe the decade, maybe the century, is taking place between Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Manny “PacManPacquiao for the unified WBA (Super), WBC, WBO, and The Ring welterweight titles.

Image courtesy of the NFL.

Image courtesy of the NFL.

Holy siznap! In the midst of all that action, one would think that Day 3 of the 2015 NFL Draft may get “lost in the sauce” so to speak. Or, maybe not. A few months back you may have seen our feature on Microsoft and Xbox, and their exciting new partnership with the NFL. We’ll they’ve taken it further, and they’ve brought us the NFL Draft App and snappable Draft Tracker for Xbox One users. This is as exciting as it gets for NFL fans and Xbox One fans all over the world. With exclusive NFL content and Live Draft coverage, Microsoft and Xbox are taking gaming and football fandom to the next level, and bringing it right to your home.

 I had a chance to speak to Jeff Tran, Director of Sports Marketing & Alliances at Microsoft. Jeff gave us a bit of a rundown on what Xbox One owners can look forward to. The NFL Draft App on Xbox One lets you sports fans stay up to date on everything going on with the Draft, all while you still catch all the excitement of the buffet of sporting competition. The Draft tracker keeps Xboxers in the know and up to date on who got drafted, to what team, who’s on the clock, team needs, player highlights and more! You can do this all without changing the channel. So if you want to watch Sergio Aguero of Manchester City, and still want to know who’s going to the Jets, the Xbox One NFL Draft App and Draft Tracker has got your back. If you want to see American Pharoah run at Churchill Downs, and still watch some Amare Cooper highlights, the Xbox One NFL Draft App and Draft Tracker has got your back. If you want to see who is going win that historic Welterweight title fight, and still get expert NFL draft analysis for your favorite NFL teams and players, yup, Xbox One NFL Draft App and Draft Tracker has got your back. Now if you don’t have cable and you still want to watch the NFL Draft, no problem. With The Xbox One NFL Draft App and Draft Tracker you can watch live coverage of the NFL Draft. LIVE COVERAGE!

Image courtesy of Microsoft.

Image courtesy of Microsoft.

It doesn’t just stop there. The exclusive partnership between The NFL and Microsoft/Xbox One, means that when the new season rolls around, the content will be even more amazing. As Jeff put it, the “Gamification of the NFL”, meaning the Xbox One NFL App will allow you to interact with your fantasy football team, check out highlights and analysis, along with tons of other exclusive NFL Content only available on Xbox One. So if you thought you were a fan of the NFL, with the Xbox One NFL App you can turn into the ULTIMATE fan.

There’s just so much you can do with the Xbox One NFL App, NFL Draft App, and Draft Tracker, and it’s only going to get better. Just when you Xboxers thought they’d have to sacrifice watching the NFL Draft because you want to root for the Yankees, guess again. Xbox One NFL Draft App and Draft Tracker has got your back.

We want to thank Jeff Tran, and all the folks at Microsoft, Xbox One, and the NFL for sharing with us here at BMF Sports

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