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iZombie Review: 1.8: Dead Air

iZombie continued with another solid episode last night. “Dead Air” had Liv eating the brains of a romance and sex expert.

The timing couldn’t be better, because thanks to her relationship with Lowell, sex is once again an option in her life. The way their relationship unfolded was great and made me continue to root for these two. It was nice seeing Liv happy. She said, “How about trying to live in a moment for once. Being grateful for the simple pleasures. You don’t need to know why you feel good, just enjoy the ride.” This message went along perfectly with the scene of her being with Lowell, a big step for her. But, this episode also threw a wrench in things with the revelation that Lowell has been getting brains from Blaine, which means he lied about where he was getting his brains and about not knowing any other zombies.

Speaking of relationships, Ravi met Peyton and she immediately caught his eye. Liv was skeptical about whether Peyton would return his feelings, but when he asked her out, she said yes! I’m into this couple for two reasons: 1. I want to watch hot people get together. It’s simple, but, hey, it’s what TV is for. 2. I’m excited to see more of Peyton doing anything. On the non-relationship side of things, it was great getting to see Peyton be more than just the best friend, shining on her own in a scene where she went into kickass Assistant District Attorney mode and got Major out of jail, where he was being held illegally.

This episode ended big, with Ravi getting bit by the zombie rat he created. Next week promises to be a big episode. The preview showed Liv declaring, “Blaine has to die. I’m gonna kill him.”

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