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iZombie Review: 1.9: Patriot Brains

This week’s iZombie let things get intense as Liv seriously considered murdering Blaine. The decision was pushed along by the fact that she’d eaten the brains of a military sniper, but there was still truth to her reasoning. Blaine has been murdering kids. In the end, she couldn’t kill him which was a nice hero defining moment, both in terms of who she is as a person and how much the brains she eats actually affect her judgment.

After Liv chose not to kill Blaine, Lowell tried to go after Blaine and ended up dead. This was absolutely devastating. This episode did so much great work on a relationship that I was already rooting for. The way Liv and Lowell faced their conflict and talked things out strengthened them so much. In a few short episodes they’d gone from adorable and endearing, to a truly well-written relationship. I would’ve happily watched this as a central relationship for seasons. Lowell’s death had a big impact and is definitely making the main conflict with Blaine heat up even more, but I have to wonder if it would’ve provided more substantial entertainment value in the future to keep him around, as a long term love interest and source of support for Liv.

I’m excited to see what happens next week. Liv was already on the brink of murdering Blaine and now she’s going into it knowing that being hastier in her judgments would’ve prevented Lowell’s death. Up to this point, Major has really been going rogue in his attempts to stop Blaine. Now surely they’ll finally bring it together and have him and Liv united. I’d especially enjoy seeing Liv, Major, Ravi and Clive as a true team. They’ve all had their interactions with each other throughout the season but we haven’t gotten a true team up before and I can’t wait.


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