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Community Review: 6.12: Wedding Videography

Like most of Community season 6, “Wedding Videography” never quite settled on a strong plot or theme to make this a great story, but it had enough character moments and jokes to make it an enjoyable watch.

The best way to describe this episode is “fun.” There’s not a lot of weight to it, but it’s enjoyable watching all of the characters have fun as friends. The obligatory scene where they question their relationship and start accusing each other of being the worst felt forced for the illusion of plot. The episode was at its best when it showed off the characters being harmonious.

In particular, the scene of Frankie attempting to do girl bonding with Britta and Annie was great. Elroy’s montage of being encouraging towards white people was also a lot of fun. These two have done exactly what the show hoped for: breathing a little new life into the show while also fitting in well.

It was also adorable when Annie brought Jeff a drink and he playfully wrestled her while saying “look at you, you little helper.” I laughed hard later, when Annie said of Jeff, “That guy needs a lot of help!” in a sighing, girlish way.

The actual plot involving Garrett’s wedding felt like an insubstantial excuse for the characters to mess around in a new setting. Every few minutes they try to introduce stakes by having them commit some sort of faux pas, but until the last act it never feels like they’re actually ruining the wedding as much as the episode thinks they are. It did give them the opportunity to give Garrett some fun one-liners (after a self-deprecating joke, he calls out, “Hey, somebody over there laughed at that the wrong way!”) and the plot twist towards the end worked in how bizarre it was.

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