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Dallas Cowboys to Practice Using Virtual Reality

Image courtesy of Sean Benham/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Sean Benham/Flickr.

On Sunday, a technology blog re/Code reported that the Dallas Cowboys have acquired the services of StriVR Labs, and are working on a 3-D room at their facility that will allow players to experience plays from an on-field perspective. The idea is that coaches will be able to identify how players are reviewing the pre-snap formations and what they key in on as the play unfolds. Players not involved will be able to experience the snaps as if they were on the field.

I see it as something the Cowboys could sell as an experience. If Golf Simulators are $50 an hour, what do you think a football simulator is worth? Imagine being able to relive your favourite football moments as if you were on the field?

Though it’s not like the Cowboys need any more money.

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