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iZombie Review: 1.13: Blaine’s World (Season Finale!)

Last night iZombie delivered a fantastic season finale. It was one difficult decision after another for our hero Liv, gearing up to that final, brutal moment. “Blaine’s World” did everything a finale should: it defined Liv’s character through tough decisions, ramped up the action and laid a lot of interesting groundwork for season 2.

Major’s pursuit of Blaine got him killed, until Liv made the judgment call to turn him into a zombie. Liv mistakenly believed this might lead to some sort of silver lining where they could be together. After losing Lowell far too soon, I can see how she’d be eager to once again find someone she can actually be with. Unsurprisingly, Major felt pretty violated. After he told Liv this isn’t what she want, she gave him the cure for zombie-ism. Holy cow, that means she made a second judgment call without consulting him only moments after he got mad at her about the first one. Liv is experiencing Oliver Queen levels of deciding what’s best for everyone else in her life. It’ll be interesting to see how Liv and Major’s relationship plays out in season 2.

I’m assuming there will be some sort of twist to the cure for zombie-ism. Otherwise they’ve created a world without consequence because anyone can recover from near-death injuries by being turned into a zombie and then being turned human again. In fact, this would negate the drama of Liv’s final conflict with her brother, unless there’s more to the story.

Peyton didn’t appear in this episode so we’ll have to anxiously wait until season 2 to find out the future of her relationship with Liv (as well as Ravi). Another cliffhanger is what will happen to Major now that Clive has put it together that he is responsible for the shoot out at Meat Cute. That’s a huge crime to be accountable for. Overall, I can’t wait for more of this show so I can find out what’s going to happen.

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