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The Top 5 NFL Trades That Need to Happen Now!

Image courtesy of Mike Morbeck/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Mike Morbeck/Flickr.

With the NFL trade deadline fast approaching and so few teams that actually swap players it’s fair to say that we’ll see little to no action.  That doesn’t stop me from wanting and wondering about what could happen.
Here are my top 5 trades I want to see go down.
Philadelphia Eagles trade DeMarco Murray to the Dallas Cowboys for Darren McFadden:  If you looked at pure production the Cowboys are getting a raw deal with this trade.  Murray would likely do better behind his old offensive line, and the Cowboys could use the upgrade, even if Murray is being used as a change of pace to Joseph Randle.  The sticking point here is the money.  Murray is making over $8 million a season, where as McFadden is making just over $4 million.  If the Eagles are willing to eat $2-$4 million a season. I think this trade could happen.
Philadelphia Eagles trade Sam Bradford and two first-round draft picks to the Tennessee Titans for Marcus Mariota:  Chip Kelly is all in on his changes, but maybe Bradford wasn’t the best one.  I don’t think the inclusion of a single first-round pick would get the Titans to give up on their future, but two just might.  Bradford is serviceable, maybe, and two more first-round picks would allow you to do some things even if he wasn’t.  I actually think Zach Mettenberger is the guy you run with for a while anyway.
Chicago Bears trade Jay Cutler and a first-round pick to the Detroit Lions for Matthew Stafford: Jay Cutler has worn out his welcome in Chicago, and the Lions look to be rebuilding in a big way.  Why not make a swap?  The Lions get a change of pace that they can walk away from next year with no cap hit.  The Bears get a slightly more stable QB to try and right the ship now.  This trade likely only works if the Lions are sure that Megatron is done.  The first-round pick gives them a way out if Cutler can’t get back to form.
Seattle Seahawks trade Kam Chancellor to the Atlanta Falcons for Jake Long, Ricardo Allen, and a second-round pick:  So, Dan Quinn knows all about Kam Chancellor.  The Falcons could use the defensive help.  Jake Long is a first-round draft pick buried on the depth chart, and the Seahawks seem committed to their offense this year.  Ricardo Allen fills out the trade to make sure the Hawks have a starter on defense coming back for depth, if not playing time.
Miami Dolphins trade Ndamukong Suh to the Baltimore Ravens for Timmy Jernigan and a first-round pick:  Is it too early to call Suh a bust?  Maybe, but that is why you trade him now.  You get nothing after you cut him.  Timmy Jernigan is a strong young player coming back, but the draft pick helps the Ravens out for next year.  Baltimore could be just the place that would allow Suh to thrive again.
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