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Ariana Grande’s “Focus” Video and a Word on YouTube Comments


Ariana Grande’s new music video for “Focus” dropped yesterday. YouTube views are piling up as haters and supporters are predictably debating in all their illogical glory. Funny how modern day music videos have become a haven for senseless bickering.

Ever since Ariana Grande had her infamous doughnut lick and America bashing incident, her haters have sharpened their fangs. If there’s one thing we don’t like in America, it’s the licking of baked goods. In all seriousness, she was a privileged and irrational fool for that behavior, but it’s not enough for me to stalk her YouTube content and attempt to verbally bury her worshippers. Insane of me, without doubt, but it’s the truth.

Most famous people have at least a legion of fans, though, even as those who despise them strengthen in numbers. Ariana Grande is no different. At the time of this writing, “Focus” already has hundreds of thousands of likes, and thousands of dislikes.

This is what seems baffling in the modern world. If you dislike Ariana Grande, why are you watching her video and commenting away? I’m speaking to the proverbial you, of course, not you as in the one reading my post. Unless you are a Grande hater who blows up her videos with hatred, then I am talking to you!

It’s sad, truthfully, where YouTube has gone. Don’t blame the site, blame the lost individuals who wander the dark quarters of its comment section. Incorrigible buffoons who are the partial subject of this post won’t support my words, but logic or reason rarely enter the outskirts of their naïve minds. The best way to let Ariana Grande know you despise her is by avoiding her music. Throwing your backwards ideas onto her videos, well, in a twisted way, that makes you just as much of a fan as the teenage girls listening to her songs and wearing her t-shirts.

What the music video to “Focus” shows, like always, is that the worst part of a new piece of content isn’t the performer above, it’s the comments below. Tip your eyes downward and see. Just prepare for ignorance, not enlightenment.

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