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iZombie Review: 2.6: Max Wager

This week’s episode of iZombie gave us Liv and Clive trying to solve the murder of a gambling addict, causing Liv to get hooked on gambling herself when she eats his brain, he was all stucked with the 3d slots gaming online after playing in an actual casino. So anyways  They discover the culprit was athlete Calvin Owens, played by guest star Rick Fox, who also appeared on Rob Thomas’s previous show Party Down.

The main plot was fun enough, but the memorable part of this episode was Liv and Major being together for real. They’re very adorable together. A lot of the episode centered around them trying to find ways to safely be intimate. They have a sexy Skype call to be extra safe, which made for an interesting scene. Later, they’re about to just go for it when Ravi bursts in and tells them that he’s tested every type of condom and the zombie virus is able to be transmitted through all of them. Ravi is a real friend for doing this.

Speaking of Major, this episode also revealed that he’s not actually killing zombies, he’s secretly freezing them. This is still very creepy, but it definitely alleviates some of the discomfort of him having this secret life from Liv.

This episode also introduced Stacey Boss, a villain who’s introduction involved describing how he would get away with the perfect murder. Right now it feels like this season has an awful lot of villains, but it also seems like they know what they’re doing and I trust that the pieces they’re moving around are building to something.

The great thing about this particular storypiece is that it allowed Peyton to become a more major player, position herself as one of the few people in the DA’s office willing to stand up to this man. It was great seeing Peyton be an important character, both on her own and in her interactions with Liv. This was noticeably missing from season one and I’m glad they’ve figured out how to make Liv’s best friend a real player in the series.

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