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The Grid | Stio 2015 Winter Collection


The Grid. The exclusive series by The BMF for Complex Media solely to show the choice sportswear and lifestyle attire that meet the needs of athletes inside and outside of the lines of competition. All original laydown photography and composition. Founded and inspired by Senior Editor Sandy Dover.

Being outdoors is a major aspect of living life, and often, while we are amongst each other in the elements, sometimes we don’t have the attire accurately reflects what we need, where we are. Stio, the famed outdoor company from Wyoming, has effectively made the outdoors its muse in creating strong, fashionable, and comfortable garb when the sun sees your face.

Behold, the Stio 2015 Winter Collection in The Grid.

The Gannett Peak Hooded Jacket. One of the highest quality hoodies you can ever have any opportunity to zip up. Very warm, and constructed with efficiency in build and in heat utility and conservation. Stylish, but not trendy. Simple, but very detailed with a unique color aesthetic to resemble classic cotton/polyester.

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The Skycrest Insulated Snap Shirt. Somewhere between a shirt and an actual jacket — a shacket. Very intriguing for mild weather and an essential piece for extreme weather where you want to escape the chill reaching the core of your bones. Extremely well-insulated and lightweight. Roomy, but not big. It’s a piece that feels like the perfect ‘do it all’ article of clothing.

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The Colter Pant. A fully-committed workhorse pant that makes comfort and strength its top top priorities. The Colter Pant softens with wear, but remains vigilant in its resistance to age — that is to say, it ages gracefully, and that’s an understatement. Can be worn casually, because of its subtle stitching.

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Photography by Sandy Dover. Most rights reserved.

Special thanks to Stio.

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