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14 Days of Valentine’s Day Episodes: Operation Ann (Parks and Recreation)

We’re counting down to Valentine’s Day by looking at 14 different Valentine’s Day episodes from a variety of shows. Today we’re looking at “Operation Ann” from Parks and Recreation. Let’s take a look at this episode by going over its five most romantic pairings.

1. Leslie & Ben

Ben gets Leslie “Yachter Otter,” a stuffed animal based on a dream she had about a playboy otter lost at sea. Leslie sets up an intricate series of clues for Ben to solve to figure out where to meet her. He figures it out and they’re ready for a romantic dinner, when Leslie tells her that Ann is on a secret date. Proving that they’re soulmates, Ben agrees they should throw the romantic date out the window and go sleuthing.

2. April & Andy

April and Andy don’t actually have scenes together, but they still manage to be adorable. April raves about how Andy bought cookie cutters and now everything they eat is shaped like dinosaurs, then later Andy laughs affectionately as he talks about how April doesn’t like Valentine’s Day or brunch or outside or smiling.

3. Ann & Tom

Ann is in a romantic lull, so Leslie tries to set her up with every single guy she knows. Most of the set ups very from dull to completely horrifying (“Well, you didn’t tell me that your friend was so beautiful..Not as beautiful as my sister, but you know the law). April suggests that Ann should give Tom a chance. He’s goofy, but he’s the one guy who’s actually made her laugh and smile all night.

4. Ann & Chris

This episode takes place after Ann and Chris’s first break up but before they get together again, so it’s not a big episode for them. But, they do share a nice smile that indicates they’re not actually over each other.

5. Ann & Harris

He’s been to 308 Phish concerts. Passing on him was Ann’s mistake, mama.

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