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PCS Q&A: Fashion Blogger Rachel Tee Tyler Talks Style, Social Media, & More

Rachel Tee Tyler is a popular fashion blogger situated in Australia who has amassed close to 400,000 Instagram followers. Through her page, fans can see that Rachel has a mixture of styles and is definitely a great follow for those with a heavy interest in fashion. Her social media presence and style preferences were two of the various topics we discussed throughout our Q&A.

Pop Culture Spin: Rachel, thank you for joining Pop Culture Spin for this interview. Can you start our Q&A off by discussing what originally made you interested in blogging about fashion?
Rachel: It was actually just an organic step from posting constant outfit photos on my Instagram account. I was receiving so much positive feedback, it just grew from there.

PCS: Chic Blogger Management says that its role is “connecting brands with bloggers.” What’s it been like being part of such a respected player in the fashion/blogging world?
Rachel: It’s crazy. I don’t see myself as anyone important, really. When people ask me questions like these I just feel humbled. I’m really the most normal person, with a regular day-job, who enjoys sharing and creating content on the side.

PCS: With almost 400,000 Instagram followers, you obviously have a big impact on the style choices of others. Did you ever plan on having this large of a voice or has your popularity been a pleasant surprise?
Rachel: Definitely a pleasant surprise! This was never a career choice or anything like that for me, my following just grew and grew out of nowhere, so I feel blessed to be in the position I am and have the opportunities I do.

PCS: Anyone who follows you on social media can see that you wear a range of outfits. What are your favorite type of clothes and items to wear?
Rachel: Forever and always I will love my sportwear. I’m almost always in kicks, and on days off you’ll find me in some chill Adidas shorts and a cropped tee. I’m just a tomboy at heart and always will be.

PCS: Would you say that fashion influences beauty and the reverse is true that beauty influences fashion?
Rachel: Nowadays I think the traditional ideal of “beauty” – feminine and pretty and soft – is less important in fashion. I think the expression of one’s self through fashion, and that can be masculine and avant garde if that’s your style, is beautiful in itself. In that way, I think fashion influences beauty, but the reverse is less true today.

PCS: Here in 2016, do you believe societal beauty views have evolved into a mostly accepting and open minded place, or is there still work to be done?
Rachel: Absolutely. There’s always work to be done, but for the most part I think we’ve come a long way in not only accepting but also appreciating the way in which people express themselves. For me especially, beauty is a multi-faceted term that doesn’t adhere to one stereotype in today’s society.

PCS: What do you think individual fashion choices signify about a person?
Rachel: I think fashion is just an outward expression of how people view themselves. The shyest person might wear the boldest outfits, because that’s how they want the world to see them. I don’t think fashion can define a person, it’s just a means of expression.

PCS: Say someone is on a budget but wants to improve their wardrobe. What kind of discount and affordable routes can people take to go down this path?
Rachel: I shop at cheap places all the time, haha! I don’t think you need to rock expensive and hyped brand names to have style. It’s all in the way you put an outfit together. One of my favourite things to do with my partner on our weekends is to go vintage shopping and find unique, older pieces that we can make relevant in today’s fashion.

PCS: Is there a next step you’re looking to take or a certain goal on the horizon you’d like to reach for your personal brand?
Rachel: I’d definitely love to launch my own clothing brand. I have so many ideas swirling in my head, I think this is the year to start creating.

PCS: Thank you again for bringing your fashion expertise to Pop Culture Spin. Best of luck with all of your future projects. For all of the readers out there, where can they follow and connect with you online?
Rachel: Follow me on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter @rachelteetyler and keep an eye out for a new blog and YouTube channel launching soon.

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