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Jennifer Lynn Talks Modeling Success and Ink in PCS Q&A

Jennifer Lynn recently joined me for an interview with Pop Culture Spin. If you haven’t guessed it yet from my latest PCS projects, I find the combination of intriguing people with masterful body art to be mesmerizing, a mold Jennifer fits into perfectly. During our Q&A, we touched on her modeling aspirations growing up, thoughts on societal views regarding ink, and her super impressive website. Read my interview with Jennifer below and follow her if you’re interested in monitoring her career journey.

Pop Culture Spin: Jennifer, thank you for talking about your career with me/Pop Culture Spin. To begin this Q&A, what influenced you in wanting to become a model?
Jennifer: I grew up super skinny. Everyone would remind me constantly how skinny I was and that I should model. So finally I did. My mom took me to modeling school when I was a teen. It was kinda fun when I was little. It’s nothing like the modeling I do today lol.

PCS: When did you first get tattoos and how’s your experience been as a model with significant ink?
Jennifer: I got my very first tattoo when I was 18, the legal age lol. After one tattoo I was hooked and kept getting more. My experience as a tattooed model is the same as any other professional model. I’ve worked really hard. I do think it is a little more difficult to get some modeling jobs, not every company wants a tattooed chick to be the face of their product. I’m having a great time meeting models, photographers and many other people in my industry.

PCS: Have you come across any people who are resentful towards you for being an accomplished professional with body art?
Jennifer: Sometimes people give me an odd look when they find out I’m a model because of my tattoos. There are some people who don’t like them and are not with the times. I say the heck with them and anyone can create beauty.

PCS: Do you think models with tattoos being successful and respected points to any cultural shifts of acceptance in society?
Jennifer: I think tattoos are becoming so common that yes people are more accepting of it. That makes me very happy because it’s not fun to get stared at or disrespected by an individual. I want people to look at my images and say “what a beautiful girl” instead of “what she did to her body.”

PCS: I usually don’t ask much about websites in these kind of interviews, but your official/personal modeling website is possibly the best one I’ve come across. What went into designing it?
Jennifer: I worked very closely with a web designer to build my site from the ground up. I made sure I put my own personal touch into the design that way it personified my personality. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a cookie cutter site so that I could stand out from the others.

PCS: The portfolio section of your site mentions numerous features that you’ve had. Is it pretty surreal seeing yourself in print/on the internet, and how do you go about landing a feature or cover?
Jennifer: I always love looking at the magazines I’ve been in especially with me on the cover, it’s an accomplishment. I’m lucky enough to work with photographers who play a big part in getting me features. The last two covers I had I was asked to be featured on their cover, I’m blessed to not only be on the cover but have the magazine personally request me.

PCS: I’d say your photos are impacting in part because your fair skin and thin body contrast with your detailed tattoos, bringing an element of sophistication that sticks out. Would you agree this is part of your strength as a model?
Jennifer: Yes absolutely. I think you said it perfectly. I’ve always considered myself to have a commercial look with a tattooed body. I do feel like that is an advantage I have and I try to play to my strengths.

PCS: Do you have any long term ambitions in other fields or are you mostly content dedicating all of your time to modeling for now and into the future?
Jennifer: I am fully committed to modeling right now. It’s a career I’ve always wanted to have and I’m gonna ride it to the end until I can’t anymore.

PCS: I know in the work projects probably can’t be discussed, but is there anything exciting you are at liberty to share coming up here in 2016?
Jennifer: I want everyone to look forward to content on my site. I do have other projects coming up that I can not mention yet. You can definitely expect more features and publications for 2016 as well.

PCS: Thank you again for the interview and opening up about your career as a tattooed model. To anyone who appreciated your responses and wants to follow you going forward, where can they find you on social media?
Jennifer: Thank you! They can of course check out as well as Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr @modeljenlynn and my Facebook page

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