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iZombie Review: 2.13: The Whopper

This week’s iZombie had a fun main plot that turned Liv into a pathological liar. It wasn’t the funniest personality they’ve ever given her, but it was fun hearing her casually tell Clive made up stories about her bartending days. It also gave her more glimpses into Drake’s co-workers and cast serious concerns about this relationship.

The most exciting part of the episode was Blaine’s subplot. After finding out that Major has been freezing zombies, not killing them, he unfroze his father so that he could get him to change his will. The one odd part of this plot was when Blaine put on old man makeup to convince his dad that decades had passed. He almost immediately dropped this lie and it was a little confusing trying to figure out why he did it. But, it is sort of fun that Blaine just loves dramatics.

The episode had some solid laughs, including a scene where they bring in a woman to identify the body of this week’s victim, Corey Karp. She complains about him never calling her, then is delighted when Liv points out that it was probably because he was dead. I also enjoyed the scene where Ravi and Major covered their tracks by convincing Clive that they go geocaching together. The fact that Ravi listens to Star Wars podcasts was also a great touch– I love a good SpaceBalls reference.

This episode also revealed that Clive has picked up on Liv gaining traits of the people she’s investigating. Because this is easily explained by her honing in on them with her psychic abilities, it doesn’t necessarily bring him much closer to realizing she’s a zombie.

They’re on notice for ending things with a song from Les Miserables, but I suppose it was chosen by Blaine, who is evil.

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