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Pop Culture Spin Q&A With Model Nikki Blades

Model Nikki Blades recently took out some time to join me for an interview on behalf of Pop Culture Spin. She dabbles in a variety of areas not limited to modeling such as blogging about food and acting as a host for events. Nikki’s talents have helped her build an Instagram following of over 100,000. Check out my Q&A with her below in the latest interview from us at PCS.

Pop Culture Spin: Nikki, thank you for having this Q&A with me/Pop Culture Spin. To get our interview rolling, what made you want to become a model?
Nikki: I’ve always wanted to model. I would pretend that the hall way was a runway and practice my cat-walk walk when I was little. It’s just something I’ve always wanted to do.

PCS: When did you realize you had a knack for modeling and it was something you could build into a career?
Nikki: During college when I got asked to model for this photography class. After that I felt like this is something I could really do.

PCS: I’m a born and raised Bay Area guy, and I noticed you list the Bay Area on your Instagram page. What’s your experience over there been like compared to living in other places?
Nikki: I love the bay. I came out here about 5 years ago and it has everything. The vibe and the people make it one of the best places I have lived.

PCS: Your official website mentions that you’ve done work such as commercials, fitness apps, and more. Can you talk about some of the biggest and most memorable projects you’ve taken part in?
Nikki: No problem. One of my favorite experiences was working with Adidas. I had the opportunity to shoot with them in San Francisco. It was a long day of running but they shut down Chinatown at one point just for us to run in. It was an amazing experience.

PCS: Are you ever nervous before photo shoots and other intimate kind of work situations or have you done them so much that comfort comes naturally?
Nikki: I have my nervous moments, but do my best to shake them before I work.

PCS: With your platform on social media, has the reception to your work been mostly warm or have you had to deal with a fair portion of critics?
Nikki: I’ve been very lucky to have so much support with my social media. Not everything is always positive but I try to focus on those more than the negative. If you let negative comments get to you, it can ruin everything.

PCS: You’re a self-proclaimed “foodie” who likes to blog sometimes about eating spots. Are you hoping to incorporate even more food related projects/blogs in the future?
Nikki: Yes! I am currently working on my Nikki’s Street Eats project. It will feature some of my favorite spots to eat along with showcasing the chefs and owners that make these spots special.

PCS: It also states on your website that you’re an entrepreneur and athlete. What are some of the things you’re working on or have worked on in the past outside of modeling?
Nikki: Clothing is the next step along with growing myself as a brand.

PCS: What goals do you have for the large chunk left here in 2016?
Nikki: The list is long for this year, but I would love to be featured in more print work this year and Sports Illustrated is definitely a goal of mine. Beside modeling it would also be getting a charity or non-profit running by 2017.

PCS: Thank you again for the Q&A and discussing the range of work you do both within and outside the modeling world. To finish our interview, can you please share where fans can connect with and follow you online?
Nikki: Thank you for having me! You can follow my social media accounts at @NikkiBlades or @NKBlades on Twitter and Snap. You can also go to NikkiBlades.Com to keep up with events and check out new merchandise I have on my shop.

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