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PCS Interview With Model Rachell Vallori

I recently had a Q&A with model Rachell Vallori in unison with Pop Culture Spin. Rachell now lives in Los Angeles, California after beginning her life in Cuba. Her heritage was one of the multiple topics we discussed throughout our interview such as her passion for modeling, experiences related to glamour work, and other creative interests like being an actress. Check out my Q&A with Rachell below and consider following her career.

Pop Culture Spin: Rachell, thank you for talking with me for this Pop Culture Spin interview. To start, how long have you been modeling and what inspired you to enter this field?
Rachell: I’ve been modeling for 9 years, I started when I was 15 years old in Cuba and continued to do it when I moved to America. What inspired me the most to start working as a model was the idea of working on stage, in this case doing runway shows. That’s where it began for me and it eventually led to more print jobs, commercials and even some film and television.

PCS: Would you say you’re living your dream being a model or is this profession something you stumbled upon and happened to have a talent for?
Rachell: I would say that if you choose to become a model, it is something that you have to love because you will never know where it will take you. My career has taken me to some amazing parts of the world and I’m grateful for the opportunities the modeling industry has given me. However I find it important to remember that this job is a blessing that won’t be here forever. So to me it’s more important about developing other skills that help make me be the woman I want to be.

PCS: Being Cuban is currently the first thing mentioned in your Instagram bio. How important is your Cuban heritage to you?
Rachell: I never thought about it when I first moved here, but thinking about my childhood now I make the comparison of how I grew up and experienced life there, I want to be able to pass that to others and share part of my country because for 57 years we’ve been closed to big opportunities and I want to help make a positive change for the people from Cuba. It’s safe to say that I am very proud of where I come from.

PCS: Now that you are in fact a model as opposed to someone aspiring to be one, have any aspects of this line of work been different than what you expected?
Rachell: When I started as a model my mom didn’t like it. She would never take me to my rehearsals. The idea of modeling sounded like a good opportunity for me to see parts of the world I had always dreamed of seeing and I am grateful that I chose to give it a shot. The fact that I’m here living in LA now is like a dream come true. However throughout the 9 years since I left Cuba, there have been some very difficult times where I doubted myself and whether or not I was meant to do this. Luckily I kept the faith and so far my life has unfolded better than I could have ever expected.

PCS: What has the reaction to your work been like among your followers?
Rachell: They are always very supportive, the old ones and the new ones. I’m trying to keep myself as close to social media as possible, sometimes it’s hard to keep up but at the end there’s always something I want them to know about me.

PCS: Forgive me if this is a stupid question – but for runway type of modeling and projects that involve looking glamorous in front of a live audience, do you practice your actions and overall self-presentation beforehand or does it just come naturally at the event?
Rachell: I don’t think I could rehearse every moment, every gesture especially in front of people. Sometimes I feel a little bit awkward at red carpets when photographers are screaming ‘move, right, left, stay here, go there’ but it’s fine to feel that way. I’m a very outgoing girl and it’s very easy for me to express myself.

PCS: Can you talk about some of the excellent photographers you’ve worked with and how their vision has aided your growth?
Rachell: Photographers are the people that always have been an inspiration for me, their creativity and vision makes them the most important people in the industry. I have been lucky to shoot with a lot of amazing photographers but my favorites so far are Peggy Sirota, Joseph Montecinos, Megane Claire, Robert Voltaire among many others.

PCS: Outside of modeling, are there any other creative areas you’re involved in or would like to break into?
Rachell: Yes, besides modeling I’m an actress as well. It is something that I have always loved and I have been working hard to break into the industry and show Hollywood what I am capable of. It is a lot of work but anything is possible if you dedicate your mind to it. I think modeling has helped me to realize that you have to always be preparing yourself for better goals in life.

PCS: Are you able to mention any projects on the way or do your lips have to be sealed at the moment?
Rachell: At the moment I’d rather have my lips sealed 🙂

PCS: Thank you again for agreeing to this interview and bringing readers into your world. Lastly, can you please share where anyone interested in supporting your career can follow you online?
Rachell: Thanks for asking me, it’s a pleasure for me. I’m excited about sharing things about me and being able to inspire others. And yes you can still continue to follow me online. Besos, Rachell.

To those interested, follow Rachell here – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

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