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Model Shamar Clay Joins Pop Culture Spin For Interview

I recently had the chance to speak with model Shamar Clay about her work, fashion style, and more in a Pop Culture Spin interview. My website has had a range of Q&A collaborations with creative professionals lately, and Shamar’s skill set definitely makes her fit into that mold of talented/creative. Read my interview with Shamar below and make sure to follow her on social media.

Pop Culture Spin: Thank you for having this interview with Pop Culture Spin. To get our Q&A going, what inspired you to enter the modeling field?
Shamar: I’ve always been a huge fan of art/fashion, me being a very artistic individual modeling just went hand in hand.

PCS: Was this profession always something you envisioned doing?
Shamar: Crazy but yes I’ve always envisioned myself being apart of the fashion world.

PCS: Have any obstacles been thrown your way on your modeling journey or has success come pretty quickly?
Shamar: I’ve had a few obstacles thrown my way, mainly due to my height. Sometimes it can be hard booking gigs.

PCS: When looking at your Instagram page, it seems you’ve done a diverse range of photo shoots. How would you describe the projects you’ve been involved with in your career?
Shamar: I’d say the majority of my shoots have been great experiences, learning different things definitely has had a huge impact on my personal growth.

PCS: The versatility I’m talking about is also reflected in your fashion style. Do you consider yourself a fashion conscious person who enjoys displaying multiple different looks?
Shamar: Yes, I’d say I’m fashion conscious. I don’t like spreading myself thin when it comes to my passion for fashion.

PCS: Is there any area in the modeling scene where you thrive the most or do you feel comfortable operating in multiple places?
Shamar: I thrive the most in the beauty/commercial area, I’ve worked in other areas but not as much as beauty and commercial.

PCS: Do you feel that most people recognize the hard work/dedication needed to be a productive model or do they have the misunderstanding that modeling is easy?
Shamar: Honestly, I think they have a misunderstanding. It’s not easy being a model, you have to have thick skin to get far in this industry. Amongst other things.

PCS: When it comes to societal views on beauty, how would you rate where we are with our current outlook?
Shamar: In my honest opinion, I feel like people are very vain these days. It’s come to the point where everything is centered around looks.

PCS: Are there any projects you’d like to plug or other things on the horizon you’d like to share coming up in 2016?
Shamar: Yes! I have a few projects I’m working on. The one I’m really proud about is my clothing line I’ll be releasing soon, it’ll be a mini boutique with made to order clothing, jewelry, etc.

PCS: Thank you again for agreeing to this Q&A, Shamar. For anyone out there interested in supporting your career moving forward, where can they follow/connect with you on social media?
Shamar: Thank you for having me. I can be followed on Instagram @kshamarc

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