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Mulan Itoje Talks Modeling Career in PCS Interview

Mulan Itoje is the latest person to join me on behalf of Pop Culture Spin for an interview. Mulan has a strong presence in front of the camera – hopefully this interview gives you the opportunity to learn more about her and why she’s an individual worth following. Check my Q&A with Mulan below as we discuss her modeling work, upcoming projects, and more.

Pop Culture Spin: Mulan, thank you for having this interview with my website. To start, what initially made you interested in modeling?
Mulan: I enjoy all things creative but especially photography, the way images are captured and can be interpreted. A picture is worth a thousand words.

PCS: Where are you from and is that the same location where you’re based at the moment?
Mulan: I’m a born and raised Londoner currently living in London.

PCS: Can you talk about your skydiving project that involves raising money for charity? I ask because it sounds like a great cause and hopefully through hearing about it readers might give a donation (link to page here).
Mulan: I’m doing a skydive for sickle cell at the end of the month of March 2016. The money raised will go to the sickle cell society in helping aid research and better treatment. I decided to skydive because it’s one of my biggest fears and I chose to raise money for charity to give me that final push when I’m on the plane ready to jump. Not sure I could do it without the incentive.

PCS: It seems that you’re heavily involved in fashion. Is this your favorite area of modeling?
Mulan: I love fashion because clothes are an impressive art form. However I do also enjoy art and creative direction. It’s nice to have a view on something and be able to express it in different ways including fashion.

PCS: What influences have contributed to your fashion style as an individual?
Mulan: I think my Nigerian heritage and love for the sun influences my fashion sense. I live for bright colours and prints such as Ankara (African print).

PCS: Have you dealt with critics and overall adversity through your modeling journey or have things been mostly positive to this point in your career?
Mulan: I think you face adversity and criticism no matter what you do. However I have my friends and most of my family for support.

PCS: What are some of the most difficult components of being a model, and on the reverse side, what perks within this profession do you like the most?
Mulan: The perks of the profession are meeting new people and working from a different office daily (locations, studios, indoor/outdoor). It’s nice to be in a new environment and meet people you really enjoy being around, even if it’s just for a day. Of course the amazing results from that day once the project is complete. The difficult parts of modelling is not having a fixed schedule but that’s also a plus side.

PCS: Who are a few of the great photographers you’ve worked with who have been particularly helpful in capturing your vibe as a model?
Mulan: I have a few photographers I love working with because they capture my face, skin and personality in one shot. They share my vision and can deliver.

Seye Isikalu

Sam Travis


Brett Russell

Anya Sandul

PCS: Do you have any noteworthy projects you’d like to mention on the way here in 2016?
Mulan: I have a lot of shoots planned for my blog so keep reading for updates!

PCS: Thank you again for your time on this Q&A. In closing, where can those interested follow/connect with you online?

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