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Model Olivia Pascale Joins Pop Culture Spin For Q&A

Olivia Pascale recently joined me in unison with Pop Culture Spin for an interview. She is based over in Miami and is definitely someone to keep your eye on considering her growing career. This marks another PCS Q&A with someone in a creative professional type of field, and it was a pleasure to speak with Olivia about her work. Read my back and forth with Olivia below and check her out on social media.

Pop Culture Spin: Olivia, thank you for joining my website for an interview. To begin, why were you drawn to modeling as a career?
Olivia: Hi thanks so much for having me. So I actually started when I was young, around 9 or so, and apparently I was very persistent with asking my mom to get me into it. I think I was just a kid who felt natural in front of the camera and enjoyed it and as I’ve gotten older its grown as a passion. I love the idea of being able to translate an idea or feeling through using your eyes and body language. 

PCS: Can you remember the first time growing up that modeling appealed to you/seemed like something you might want to consider?
Olivia: I had a friend who was doing it as a child and I thought hey I can do that and it looks like fun so my mom started taking photos of me right away and we sent them out to agencies.

PCS: On Instagram you mention being based over in Miami. What’s Miami like as a creative backdrop for people in your field?
Olivia: It’s really helpful in terms of growing in the industry. When it comes to the modeling and photography circle, Miami is very small and we’re in six degrees of separation. There’s a lot of hungry and passionate creatives here trying to make it which makes it a very competitive environment but that’s also extremely motivating. It’s a healthy competition!

PCS: What sort of modeling projects do you most enjoy taking part in?
Olivia: Anything that connects me to dope people honestly. I’ve met so many genuine and hard working individuals through jobs and some of them have become my closest friends. I’m also passionate about film and editing so commercial work is always fun for me to be on set and watch behind the scenes.

PCS: Are you ever nervous before stepping on a runway or not at all?
Olivia: I wouldn’t say I get nervous, more a feeling of excitement and adrenaline. Walking is one of my favorite types of work because there’s an essence of performance. I was a dancer for 10 years and loved performing and being in front of an audience, so for me walking in any type of runway definitely fulfills that love of performing.

PCS: I have to ask about the Instagram pic featuring you and Dwayne Johnson… Is there a story behind this picture?
Olivia: hahaha so I’m good friends with one of the writers on the show Ballers and he was able to get me a part in one of the episodes, so of course I had to take a photo with Dwayne! He is super sweet and so genuine.

PCS: When you’re not working and have free time, what are you most likely to be doing?
Olivia: Well I am a full time student right now and studying marketing so I don’t have much down time. I’m always either doing school work, answering emails, shooting, or going to castings. On the rare occasion that I do have down time I love the beach so much that I actually live on it! Whenever I’m feeling overworked I force myself to take a walk downstairs and enjoy nature.

PCS: Is there anything exciting on the horizon here in 2016 you’re able to mention?
Olivia: I recently signed with a bigger agency (Runways Talent) and they have big hopes for me for swim week so I’m definitely looking forward to that in a few months. I’ll be spending June in NYC for an internship and will be shooting there as well!

PCS: Thank you again for spending time talking with me through my website. Last thing – where can those interested follow you online?
Olivia: Thanks so much for having me! My Instagram is @Oliviapw and Snapchat @OhhPeeDubs. Also, I will be launching my website,, very soon so look out for that!

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