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Kerrie Manbodh Talks Growing Modeling Career in PCS Interview


Image provided by Kerrie Manbodh.

Kerrie Manbodh is the latest individual to join me on behalf of Pop Culture Spin for an interview. She and her modeling/acting talents are based over in Miami, Florida, and her growing career definitely makes her someone to watch. Check out my discussion with Kerrie below and be sure to follow her on social media.

Pop Culture Spin: Kerrie, thank you for having this interview with my website. To start, when did you 
know modeling was something that appealed to you?
Kerrie: Well I’ve always loved buying new outfits, getting dolled up and taking pictures like I was modeling, I just never thought of modeling seriously at that time until I was approached by an agency, when I started working with them I realized this is something I should have been doing!

PCS: Where are you based at the moment and how good is that place as a backdrop for your line of 
Kerrie: I’m based in Miami and I feel like it is because Miami has a little bit of everything from lifestyle to swimwear to high fashion shoots etc

PCS: Are there any characteristics you feel are essential to being a quality model?
Kerrie: Yes, modeling is always a learning experience so definitely learning new poses and emotions all the time is very helpful and helps you to become more professional in the industry. Also, if modeling is something you’re serious about doing then put time into building yourself and your portfolio as a model.


Image provided by Kerrie Manbodh.

PCS: Have you dealt with any haters so far in your career or has positivity been much more common than
any criticism?
Kerrie: I love the positivity and wish things can always stay like that but they can’t and I have dealt with haters, I think because social media is such a big thing now, haters/bullying has become a lot more popular because people feel like they can say whatever they want because chances are they will never see you in their life and they don’t have to face you.

PCS: What type of modeling work are you most often engaging in?
Kerrie: Definitely high fashion/editorial , I love photos that tell a story.

PCS: Can you talk about contributing factors that make a photo shoot stand out and be memorable?
Kerrie: What makes a photoshoot stand out and memorable is having the right people around you that you can learn from and creating looks that are different and unique, something no one has ever seen is definitely something that will stand out.

PCS: Are you hoping to break into any other creative areas beyond modeling or are you fully content 
putting all your effort into this field?
Kerrie: I do acting as well, I got into acting from modeling , I have been doing acting for about 2 years now and I love it.


Image provided by Kerrie Manbodh.

PCS: What are your favorite non-modeling activities and interests?
Kerrie: I’m adventurous, love nature, love the experience of being outdoors and exploring life.

PCS: Is there anything on the horizon here in 2016 that you’re able to mention to the readers?
Kerrie: Yes, I’m currently working on my business. Recently shot a commercial and a few other acting shoots and some photoshoots. I don’t want to spill it all, just wait and see.

PCS: Thank you again for having this Q&A. In closing, where can those interested connect with you on 
social media?
Kerrie: Instagram : kerriie_ Snapchat: kerriemanbodh

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