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Ney Ashley Kendall Interview – Talking Overcoming Difficulties, Motivating Factors, & Modeling Work

Image provided by Ney Ashley Kendall and photo credit to Real Miami Visuals.

Ney Ashley Kendall is a model based over in Miami, Florida. In my interview with her, Ney opened up and discussed a range of topics from difficulties in her background to success in modeling. We also went over the importance of her children, motivating factors in her life, and more. Ney has a powerful voice as seen below and also commonly posts hilarious videos on her social media platforms. I encourage you as the reader to spread this article around and support Ney’s career moving forward.

Pop Culture Spin: Ney, thank you for having this Q&A with my website. To begin the interview, what led to your decision to enter the modeling universe?
Ney: My decision to enter the modeling universe was never one I actually ever dreamed or thought about, most of my adult life I have been cheated on, abused and left out on the street with no money, no home… I always pulled through even in times when I thought I wouldn’t because I didn’t have a choice. I continued to think positive and I would forget about my struggles when I would make funny videos and rants on snapchat. I was more into the thought of making funny videos and making people laugh no matter what was going on in my life. It so happened I was asked to model for a boutique while I was bouncing back from a terrible relationship, I couldn’t even look people in the eye. But the owners of that boutique saw my broken pieces as beautiful, and things just developed from there. I decided to keep pursuing it because I was amazed and astonished that I was able to feel as great and comfortable as I did in front of the camera. I was never and have never been a confident person and I’ve been through a lot with my body and trying to mold myself into what was acceptable by society. But, as soon as I said (F-IT) I am me, and people have to accept me for who I am, I started liking the person looking back at me in my reflection more and more every day. Confidence is my super power.

PCS: Was a modeling career something you always hoped for or did it basically occur naturally on its own?
Ney: As a little girl I think we all dream about becoming a model and being on the cover of a magazine, or being featured in one. Growing up I was always the ugly duckling and got bullied so much the thought of modeling occurred but never really stayed. I would have to say that modeling occurred on its own, but it was something I always hoped for.

PCS: Where are you from and how did where you grew up shape the person you are today?
Ney: I am from Miami, Florida but my heritage is Cuban American. Growing up I was always the jokester playing pranks on my friends, making funny videos or watching/playing a sport. I would say I was a tomboy growing up and I have always loved sports, I’d play boys older than me one on one and make them take a time out so I can apply my favorite lip gloss lol, basically I was the cheerleader who liked to play the field as well. What shaped me into the person I am today was growing up with divorced parents, although it was difficult at times I value it so much looking back. I started working at 16 years old, and anything I wanted I always found a way to attain it by making sure that I worked hard enough for it.

PCS: The spotlight is certainly on you regularly in your line of work. Have you always been comfortable taking charge in front of an audience?
Ney: I have been used to being in the spotlight since I was 18 and became a (teen mom), the judgment and comments never seem to go away, so the spotlight is on at all times and I’ve gotten used to it. I feel that people are always going to have something to say no matter what you do and the bullying or judgment never goes away. So while I have this spotlight on me I feel that I have the power to do good with it, and I will take advantage of it by showing young girls how difficult it is being a young single mother, but at the same time how attainable any goal they may have really is. Because, “if I can do it you can do it” even if I have two children, one in each arm, I make sure that I provide them with a life I never had, and that someday they’ll look back being thankful that I did everything I could to make sure they know what hard work looks like, and that no matter what anyone says if you believe in yourself enough you can do anything, as long as you work hard for it.

PCS: What was your first photo shoot experience like and how does it differ compared to where you are now?
Ney: My first photoshoot experience was actually with my mother and my sister, breaking off a piece of a Kit-Kat bar. I was 7, my younger sister was 6. All I remember was my mother telling us to tilt our heads together and we kept elbowing each other in every picture lol. The money shot was the one when we took a bite out of one Kit-Kat bar together, smiling at each other.

PCS: Is there a specific area or two within modeling where you feel that you thrive the most?
Ney: I feel I will thrive the most in anything that makes me look powerful and confident, I really enjoy lingerie even though I barely shoot in them because of the scrutiny that comes along with it, and I also love shooting outdoors, embracing nature or the ocean.

PCS: For readers coming across you now for the first time, can you tell them about your personality and what sort of things motivate you on a day-to-day basis?
Ney: My personality is definitely one of a kind, I am a goofball and I love to joke around and I love, LOVE hugs. I’m always making ugly faces and funny videos on snapchat, I make sure I never take life too seriously. On the weekends you’ll probably find me at a sporting event or being adventurous with my boys. I am and forever will be a hopeless romantic, I am overly affectionate, and I fall in love easily (Kim Kardashian syndrome) so people say lol, but for now I am in a happy and committed relationship to my two boys, and Nutella.

PCS: Who have been the biggest and most influential individuals throughout your life?
Ney: My biggest influencers growing up were my grandparents and their love for each other, but I’ve always looked up to Erin Andrews for her professionalism, and Abigail Ratchford for being confident and embracing her curves.

PCS: Does doubt ever run through your mind given how judgmental people can be in today’s social media crazed climate or have you always managed to remain confident?
Ney: Honestly, I wake up every morning thinking if I should delete my social media or not. But I know one day I’m going to be someone’s hope or inspiration. It’s a way to look back on your life and see how much you’ve grown. So maybe I think about deleting it because of the pressure and the judgmental people but as long as I keep it up, I’m the one winning.

PCS: Are you hoping to jump into other creative fields or is modeling the lane you’d like to stay in for the time being?
Ney: I would really like to be a sports journalist in front of the camera, or anything that involves comedy. One of my dreams is to be in a music video, I would like to continue to do funny skits and someday be on a reality TV show. But my ultimate goal is to work with and help domestically abused women/children.

PCS: Would you like to mention anything coming up over the course of 2016?
Ney: I think people will get to know me for who I am, and as the years come and go.. being a single mother will become more acceptable to society. Especially one that puts herself out there for the world to see and maybe someday they will embrace me for the powerful woman that I am.

PCS: Thank you once again for taking time out of your schedule for this interview. Lastly, where can those interested find you online?
Ney:  They can find me on my personality snapchat: AshleyyKendall and Instagram Neyashleyy and someday on a Sports Illustrated cover near you!

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