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Jacqueline Boudreau Interview – Talking Modeling, Confidence, & Portfolio

Jacqueline Boudreau is the latest individual to join me in unison with Baller Mind Frame/Pop Culture Spin for an interview. Based over in British Colombia, Jacqueline is a model who has a dark and soulful vibe to her body of work. How she got her start in this field was one of the various talking points I broached in our Q&A. Others included her portfolio, thoughts on the future, and more. Check out my interview with Jacqueline below and enjoy.

Pop Culture Spin: Jacqueline, thank you for joining my website on this interview. To start, where are you based and where are you originally from?
Jacqueline: I am currently based in Vancouver BC, but was raised in a small town called Fort St. John BC.

PCS: When did modeling become something you really felt was worth pursuing?
Jacqueline: It’s something I was always interested in as a young girl, but because I did grow up in a very small town the opportunity wasn’t there. It wasn’t until I moved here to Vancouver I had the chance to pursue it!

PCS: Do you have ambitions in other creative fields beyond modeling or are you satisfied operating in this area for the time being?
Jacqueline: I have started dabbling in the acting world recently as well as music!

PCS: What characteristics do you feel are necessary to being a great model?
Jacqueline: You have to be strong. It’s a hard, competitive industry to be in, you will be judged and picked apart. You have to know who you are and not allow the criticism to get you down.

PCS: Is looking great in front of the camera simply a matter of confidence or is it deeper than that?
Jacqueline: I think it’s more than confidence. Of course confidence is a big part of it! But I think having a passion for the artistic side of things has a big impact as well.

PCS: How would you describe your portfolio and the type of work you primarily prefer doing?
Jacqueline: I would describe it as expansive perhaps. I like to keep my portfolio very broad to show I am capable of many different styles. But shooting darker images if my favorite. That’s where I get the most creative.

PCS: Do you feel society in general has any misconceptions or misunderstandings about models?
Jacqueline: Absolutely, I feel like models are generalized as just pretty faces and people don’t see what we truly put in to the work they are looking at. A lot of models put a lot into projects creatively! We are artists of sorts!

PCS: For those just coming across you for the first time, what are a few personality traits that make you who you are?
Jacqueline: I’ve been known to be a bit on the quiet side until you get to know me. Then I’m silly as hell haha love to laugh.

PCS: Outside of modeling, what other hobbies or interests are you into?
Jacqueline: I recently started traveling! I love history and exploring other cultures. I plan to receive a few tattoos in each place I visit!

PCS: Is there anything lined up here in 2016 that you’d like to mention?
Jacqueline: Yes I have some projects lined up this year in LA with some amazing photographers! First time in LA so greatly looking forward to it. As well as some local projects with some amazing local talent.

PCS: Thank you again for having this interview. Before we finish, where can readers connect with/follow you online?
Jacqueline: Thank you so much! I can be found on Instagram at jacquelinemaeboud

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