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iZombie Season 3 Review: 3.2: Zombie Knows Best


This week’s episode of iZombie season 3 was one of the strongest of the series so far. The episode focused on Clive Babineaux’s backstory, revealing much more of his character.

This was a great choice. Clive has always been a great character, but now it’s especially important for iZombie to show us who he is. He’s a newcomer to the inner-circle. He’s dealing with adjusting to things like watching Liv Moore and Major Lilywhite eat brains.

Clive is the character most hostile to the idea of zombies. But, this episode firmly established the reasons why he would never fall into the zombie-hunter mindset. He’s too thoughtful and too heroic. “Zombie Knows Best” shows him to be someone Liv and the others will be able to trust, even as conflicts between humans and zombies become more and more complicated and scary.

The rich character study of a supporting character would be enough to make “Zombie Knows Best” a great episode. But, it also had one of the most fun, comedic brains-of-the-week. The murder victims this week were a teen girl and her father. Clive decided Liv should have the father’s brains because he was more likely to be the intended victim in the murder. This meant Major was on teen girl brains.

An episode full of Liv acting like Major’s stern-but-loving father while Major cried, took selfies and listened to Katy Perry is a recipe for fun. Their personalities were, admittedly, very exaggerated this episode, but it was so amusing that I didn’t mind. Besides, it did make sense that Major would feel fragile and emotional at this time, while Liv would try to stay strong and nurture him.

This episode gave us great moments like Major saying of Peyton Charles and Blaine DeBeers’ relationship, “First of all: ew. Second of all: I can’t even.” He’s right, you know.

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