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iZombie Season 3 Review: 3.8: Eat a Knievel

This week iZombie season 3 delivered another solid episode. And it proved Blaine DeBeers can actually be fun as long as he’s the villain. Blaine’s horrific torture of his father was fantastic. With him no longer playing the awkward role of comic relief/love interest, it feels like this season is fully on track.

Blaine’s team up with Don E. to make millions off the brain business should be a lot of fun. Unfortunately,  Peyton Charles wasn’t in this episode. That emphasized an unfortunate pattern of Peyton being brushed aside when she’s not in Blaine’s plotline.

This episode also gave us  more of Liv Moore’s romance with Justin. This show always gives Liv great love interests and Justin is no exception. I am waiting for them to have a real talk about how she still intends to find and use the cure, but their courtship is adorable.

The case of the week in this episode was nothing special. It put Liv on prankster brains, which made for a couple cute setpieces. I’ll always enjoy her interacting playfully with Clive Babineaux. This wasn’t my favorite brain of the week, but Rose McIver is always adorable when she goes into bro mode.

Meanwhile, thankfully, Vivian Stoll immediately realized that Major Lilywhite is not a zombie. It was a little ridiculous when it seemed like we were really supposed to believe he could hide that.

The episode ended on a cliffhanger with Ravi Chakrabarti infiltrating the anti-zombie group. Since those people seem to also be largely white supremacists, this danger seems a little too real for a fun sci-fi show. That said, this plot gave us both Liv and Ravi pretending to be a couple and Liv disguising herself as a human. Her correct assumption that a straight guy wouldn’t recognize her if she changed her hair and make up was delightful.

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