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Gotham Season 4 Review: 4.16: One of My Three Soups


This week Gotham season 4 delivered an episode that felt like a live action version of Batman: the Animated Series. Ben McKezie directed the episode. He demonstrated an impressive ability to create well-crafted sequences in Gotham’s signature tone.

The episode followed Jervis Tetch, Jerome Valeska and Jonathan Crane after they escaped from Arkham Asylum, along with dozens of goons. I’m not a big Tetch fan, but he was very well-used in this episode. His plan to hypnotize the citizens of Gotham created some fantastic suspense and led to the kind of satisfyingly sweet ending that only superhero media can pull off.

While Jim Gordon handled Tetch, Bruce Wayne tracked down and faced off against Jerome. Cameron Monaghan’s Jerome was brilliant as always, but the real appeal of this storyline was the chemistry between Bruce and Selina Kyle. It’s been a while since they got a lot of interaction, but this was well worth the wait. The show perfectly balances them being soulmates with ultimately just being kids who love to help each other out and bust each other’s chops. I hope their relationship continues likes this, building strength without becoming too rushed.

The least interesting plotline involved Barbara Kean and the League of Shadows. Lore heavy plots aren’t as interesting as the more character-driven sor visual, silly scenes. But, this plot did have one great scene in which Tabitha Galavan reminded Barbara how strong she is.

The episode ended on the perfect note: Tetch, Jerome and Jonathan ready to get into phase two of their plan. While not exactly a cliffhanger, it promised more fun to come. Jerome is definitely the standout in this team up as far as I’m concerned. But, this week’s episode utilized Tetch so well that I’m ready to hear them out on future storylines.

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