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Of course I know how tall Marreese Speights is… NOW!


Twitter is regularly described as the downfall of intelligent conversation and quite possibly mankind itself. At any given moment you can log on and find millions of jack-wagons talking smack, trying to lay the “pipe,” or failing miserably to come off as intelligent and philosophical.

If you’re like me, you pretty much just go on to drop a couple of one-liners, talk basketball and do a little shameless promotion for your website. I’d do it now but if you’re reading this, you’re already here. Aw screw it, BALLLER MIND FRAME! TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Now that we have that out of the way, I might as well come clean – I am not always right. There I said it and if any of you yahoos on the internet tells my wife I put that in print I will disregard all knowledge of said post and delete this hack-job of an article post-haste.

I swear I had no ill intent when I tweeted this:

For whatever reason I had in my mind that Mo was an undersized banger. No disrespect intended, I really did, for whatever reason, think he was one of those wide bodied 6’7″-6’8″ guys that survived in the paint because they were tougher and just plain wanted it more than the NBA tall trees. Nope, he was one of them:

Proven wrong by the man himself, I tucked my tail and admitted my mistake:

It was too late. The Internet never forgets. That combined with the fact that Mo has 28,666 Twitter followers (at the time); notice those triple sixes.

Yes Dopetastic, I am an idiot, happy now?

When you say something dumb on these mean twitter streets, nobody lets you live it down. At least one guy had my back:

That’s my new best friend Franny.

So, if by chance you didn’t see my idiocy live on Twitter, it’s here for everyone to see now and bask in the warm glow of my stupidity. Oh yeah, if you think those tweets weren’t that bad, we have to keep it PG here, so I saved the really mean ones for my own personal enjoyment.

What have I learned from this you may ask? Well, I learned that Marreese Speights is 6’11” (in shoes) and he searches himself on Twitter. Besides that he seems to be a pretty solid guy with a sense of humor.

Remember folks the Internet never forgets. She is a never-forgetting fickle B!$@% of a mistress, but I cant quit her.

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