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The adidas D Rose 4.5: The Blueprints

D Rose 4.5, Sketch 1

If you haven’t seen, you’ll see soon — the adidas D Rose 4.5 has debuted and it’s simply a work of art. It’s unfortunate that Derrick Rose won’t again be playing in another signature shoe, but these are worthwhile whether he ever sees time in these or not.

Be on the lookout for the rest of the D Rose 4.5 debut and all of the tech specs here at BMF, courtesy of adidas.

For now, enjoy the sketches and rendering for what has now become the second version of the D Rose 4 signature series.

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D Rose 4.5, Sketch 2 D Rose 4.5, Sketch 3 D Rose 4.5, Sketch 4 D Rose 4.5, Sketch 5 D Rose 4.5, Sketch 6

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