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What Would ‘WWE Raw’ Look Like As a 1990s Sitcom?

Professional wrestling is microcosmic of the 1990s for most people, with its mix of over-the-top characters, cheesy music scores, and questionable outfits.

Do you know what else is a lot like that? Most 1990s sitcoms. After all, Hulk Hogan telling kids to eat their vitamins, eat their vegetables, and say their prayers while donning a bright yellow shirt isn’t much different than Danny Tanner teaching D.J., Stephanie, or Michelle a life lesson while rocking dad jeans.

Suddenly, the squared circle doesn’t seem as different as the rambunctious Tanner household. Luckily for us, we are able to bridge that gap between family-oriented prime-time television and predetermined fights with a hint of melodrama thanks to this WWE Raw edit that imagines the Monday night wrestling show as a sitcom.


The clip features current WWE superstars playing some of the traditional roles a sitcom have, all while maintaining the graininess of an old television set anyone born before 2000 can feel nostalgic about. Champion AJ Lee is playing the female lead, Dean Ambrose is the kooky comedic force behind the show, and John Cena is fittingly playing the role of the cheesy father.

Something tells me that John Cena and Danny Tanner would get along just fine.

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