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NBA Season Predictions: Sixth Man of the Year

Image courtesy of Keith Allison/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Keith Allison/Flickr.

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Terra Kohut: Jamal Crawford
Jamal Crawford is a strong candidate to win Sixth Man of the Year, and I have hardly any doubt that he’ll walk away with the title again this season. Although health plays a factor, both the health of his calf and the health of J.J. Redick, particularly being that a healthy Redick could take away some of the opportunity for Crawford on the floor, he is still poised to make a tremendous contribution to the team’s overall success due to his veteran experience, supreme shooting skills, and defensive ability to generate turnovers. Look for a huge season for both Jamal Crawford and the Los Angeles Clippers.

Stephen Nixon: Jamal Crawford
Heat Check Time! Jamal Crawford is still the best sixth man in the NBA and will win the award once again this season. Crawford is in a perfect situation with the Los Angeles Clippers coming off the bench. He gets to play against second tier defenders each night and torches them night after night. Crawford is the kind of player that makes you text your buddy and tell them to turn on the TV immediately because Crawford just drained five three-pointers in a row and the Clippers are on a 20-3 run because of it. His handles are incredible and he’s still one of my favourite players to watch.

Bryan Brandom: Ryan Anderson
I wrestled with this one for a bit. I liked the thought of Jamal Crawford repeating his performance from last year, but his minutes and usage will take a hit assuming J.J. Redick doesn’t miss more than half the season again. Isaiah Thomas will be coming off the bench for a team that likes a breakneck pace, but his scoring output likely won’t differ much from benchmate Gerald Green‘s. Then there’s Anderson, whose New Orleans Pelicans sorely lack two things: bench scoring and three-point shooting. Anderson has already topped 16 points per game off the bench (2012-13), and he fills it up to the tune of 39 percent per game on a whopping 7.6 attempts per 36 minutes.

Corey Quincy: Jamal Crawford
Jamal Crawford is getting my pick for sixth man. He earned this accolade last season with 18.6 points off the bench for the Clippers. He’s only ripening with age, and, should the Clippers survive deeper into the playoffs, he can make some crucial plays late-game. A close second for me is Vince Carter. The Grizzlies can use some points and Carter’s leadership will prove helpful as long as he’s around. Frenchman Boris Diaw makes an impact on the floor for San Antonio, and was also in the running for this tough call.

TJ Macias: Jamal Crawford
Remember a time in Los Angeles when the Lakers were good while the Clippers’ offense could be found on the back of a milk carton? Yeah, me neither. Jamal Crawford is one of the reasons why the Clippers appear so bulletproof. He’s a predator missile coming off the bench and averaged 18.6 points per game during the 2013-14 season and could probably hit a three blindfolded (he was 17 of 28 last season). Not only that, but he’s deeply devoted to his team, which you don’t see very often in this league, shockingly enough.

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