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Peyton Manning: The Road to Redemption

Image courtesy of Craig Hawkins/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Craig Hawkins/Flickr.

Six wins and one loss with 22 touchdown passes so far this season is not bad for a 38-year-old quarterback. When your name is Peyton Manning that kind of efficiency is expected. Historically, Manning has been one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game. In the eyes of some people he may be considered the best quarterback of All-Time, but everyone has their own opinion.

Manning was a spectacular quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts. Aside from his rookie season, he led the Colts to 10 wins each year he was in Indianapolis. He had some excellent statistical seasons, like when he threw for 4,700 yards in 2010, and threw 49 touchdown passes in 2004.

Manning helped the Colts reach the pinnacle of the NFL when they won Super Bowl XLI. Years later Peyton Manning became a Denver Bronco, but all of things he did with Indianapolis Colts will still be remembered.

Manning has been an incredible leader for the Broncos so far. How quickly we all forget that a couple of seasons ago the Colts elected to choose Andrew Luck as the quarterback to lead their team into the future. Manning underwent a couple of spinal surgeries and no one was sure if he would be able to return to form – I am not sure if Manning himself knew if he would be the same player again.

So it was understandable when the Colts elected to build their franchise with Luck at the helm. Fast forward to last season where Manning had arguably the greatest quarterback season of All-Time. He broke all kinds of records and led his team to the Super Bowl; it could have been a season for the ages if the Broncos had won. Leading up to the Big Game many pundits thought Denver would win, which would have been an excellent culmination to Manning’s season. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be and the old adage rang true that defense wins championships as the Seattle Seahawks smothered the Broncos.

This year, Manning could redeem himself because as we all know, he is a technical football mind. He probably sorted out all of the details from the last Super Bowl game in his mind. So if any other team presents the kind of aggressive defense the Seattle Seahawks did in XLVIII, he would be ready.

So far we have seen vintage Peyton Manning play; he has been controlling the offense and has maintained his cerebral nature.

The Denver Broncos have been played well as a whole and are on pace to be as successful as any team in franchise history. The question that remains to be seen is if Manning could lead his team to a Super Bowl victory to help wash away the sting from last year’s defeat if he can it would be sweet redemption. At the very least he can be happy with breaking Brett Favre’s touchdown record.

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