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Ultimate NFL Free Agents “F You”s!

Image courtesy of Jeffrey Beall/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Jeffrey Beall/Flickr.

When Darnell Dockett was cut from the Arizona Cardinals and took a low paying contract with division rival, San Francisco 49ers, I classified it as a very blatant middle finger to the management of his former team. Number eight on my list of things to never do in sports was to sign with the arch rival (unless you were traded there). With a rash of NFL free agents hitting the market and Brian Orakpo’s recent statement that if he couldn’t re-sign with the Washington Redskins that he “wouldn’t mind playing for the [Dallas] Cowboys,” I’ve come up with a top ten list of moves that would be more about saying “F you” to the team a player used to play for, rather than it being about anything else.

10. Orlando Franklin signs with the Kansas City Chiefs
I went with the Chiefs over the Oakland Raiders or the San Diego Chargers as I actually think this is the mostly likely of the three places Franklin could end up signing. Franklin has been a key cog in the offensive line for the Denver Broncos for some time, and moving anywhere inside the division would be painful for the Broncos faithful.

9. DeMarco Murray signs with the Philadelphia Eagles
With the recent trading of LeSean McCoy to the Buffalo Bills, the Eagles could actually make this happen, but Murray really doesn’t suit their style of play. Still, Murray found the $4 million a season offer from the Dallas Cowboys somewhat insulting, so taking about that much money or less to go to Philly would be a spit in the face of Jerry Jones.

8. Brian Orakpo signs with the Dallas Cowboys
Staying in the NFC East, Orakpo inspired this whole article stating that he wouldn’t mind going to the Cowboys if the Washington Redskins wouldn’t re-sign him. The Cowboys do need help on defense, and this might be just the sort of payback Jerry Jones would be into, especially considering that Stephen Bowen left the Cowboys for the Redskins just a few years ago.

7. Greg Hardy signs with the New Orleans Saints or Atlanta Falcons
Both division rivals of the Carolina Panthers need help on defense and Hardy would be help and then some. I left the Tamp Bay Buccaneers out of the equation as they were the worst team in football last year and there are little expectations for them to make a big push this year.

6. C.J. Spiller signs with the New England Patriots
New England needs a running back, and the Buffalo Bills don’t now that they’ve acquired “Shady” McCoy. If there is one team the Bills hate more than all others it’s the Patriots. Actually, most football fans that are not Patriot fans hate the Patriots.

5. B.J. Raji signs with the Detroit Lions
The Lions are likely losing the services of Ndamukong Suh and they will need another DT to fill that hole. Raji has played for the rival Green Bay Packers since he was drafted in 2009, and has even appeared in commercials with pretty boy teammate Aaron Rogers. Having him as a Lion would be the ultimate slap in the face, until Rogers is actually slapped in the face by him on a passing play.

4. Reggie Bush signs with the Dallas Cowboys
The only move on the list that isn’t a division rival, but do you remember who knocked the Detroit Lions out of the playoffs last year? How could you forget the infamous pass interference call that was later picked up, but really should have been called? The Cowboys will likely need a running back with DeMarco Murray leaving, and Bush would be a decent substitute.

3. Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley sign with the Green Bay Packers
Oh no!!! A two-for-one deal that sees the Packers seek revenge for the signing of B.J. Raji, and they manage to sign away both the starting defensive tackles of the Lions? I am not saying Suh would enjoy sacking Matthew Stafford; I’m saying both Suh and Fairley would love to cream their formal signal caller.

2. Mike Iupati signs with the Seattle Seahawks
Arguably the best offensive linemen available to ditch the San Francisco 49ers for the Seahawks would be saying “I don’t believe in this team to win, so I am going to a winner.” The Seahawks line could actually use Iupati, but the question will end up being after re-signing Russell Wilson how much cap space is there to do something like that?

1. Reggie Wayne signs with the Houston Texans, and Andre Johnson signs with the Indianapolis Colts
In the ultimate swapping of insults, Andre Johnson is cut from the team that drafted him nearly a decade ago to go to bitter divisional rival Indianapolis. At the same time, Wayne is cut by his original team and decides to flip the switch and join forces with the Texans. This to me would be epic in the first head-to-head game. Johnson would have a quarterback in Andrew Luck. It is anyone’s guess who will start for the Texans. On the flip side there is a very good defense in Houston, something that puts the offense on the field more often than it is in Indy. It’s the ultimate battle of quality versus quantity. I will personally put some money toward each team if they can make this happen.

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