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Brandon Marshall Has to Earn His Jersey Number?

Image courtesy of Jim Larrison/Flickr.

Image courtesy of Jim Larrison/Flickr.

If Brandon Marshall thought he could just waltz into New York and bring his No. 15 jersey with him, he had another thing coming.

As with most non-stories in the world today this revelation is brought to you by social media, and in this cast Instagram. Backup New York Jets wide receiver Saalim Hakim, an undrafted free agent has challenged Marshall to a footrace I order to earn his number back. “If he beats me in the 40-yard dash, he can get the number. But if I beat him, he’s got to give me $25,000 — and he can have the number.”

The post was later deleted by the author, who has recorded zero catches in the NFL. In hindsight, Hakim probably thought the idea was bold and daring at the time, before he realized how the new number one receiver in New York could receive this. Though personally, if you’re going to issue a challenge to anyone have the gumption to stick by it. If you were worried about making the team this year than you’re just being silly Hakim. You were never going to crack the roster anyway.

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