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iZombie Review: 1.2: Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?

iZombie continued last night with another fantastic episode. The episode introduced Blaine DeBeers (David Anders), who seems to be the show’s main villain, and had Liv working the case of an artist who was murdered.

The show has immediately figured out how to write solid procedural episodes. The crimes and twists themselves aren’t super-interesting, but they really just provide structure for all the character based stuff. Liv, Clive and Ravi  have already settled into a great dynamic as well as shining as individual characters.

Blaine seems like he’ll be a great addition to the show, adding a long arc instead of just the mysteries-of-the-week. He’s the zombie who first turned Liv, although he claims to not remember that. Blaine seems to have big plans to turn more people into zombies so they’ll become dependent on him to provide brains at an expensive rate. Liv immediately doesn’t trust him, but is willing to provide him with brains because her job gives her access. She doesn’t know that even though he claims he has to grave rob, he’s actually completely willing to kill people.

This episode also showed us more of the strange side effect of Liv gaining parts of someone’s personality after she’s eaten their brain. She became more passionate and artistic after eating the brain of this week’s victim, Javier. This aspect of the show seems a little shaky. It’ll be hard for them to develop this character and show us who she really is when her personality is being so affected each week. I don’t mind her picking up quirks like kleptomania or improved drawing ability, but I’m not sure how I felt about her finally trying to get back with her fiance this week because of Javier’s brain. That seems like a very major plot point that should have real character motivation behind it.

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