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Top Five Guilty Pleasure Films

Since Furious 7 is out in theaters, I’ve been thinking of all the amazing guilty pleasure films out there. There are so many of them to choose from, but here are the top five that ran through my mind first. They may not be the best films, but…well, thats kind of the point. Anyway, here are the top five guilty pleasure films (that I could think of at the moment):

5. Con Air

This 1997 popcorn flick was a star-studded affair with one-liners, explosions, machismo, and Nicholas Cage. What’s not to like? This flick pretty much has everything going for it from convicts going wild on a plane to Cage kicking ass and telling the bad guy to “put the bunny back in the box.” Academy Award nominee John Malkovich played Cyrus the Virus, and Steve Buscemi seems to be playing Hannibal Lecter’s creepy cousin. Hell, even Dave Chappelle is in this movie! Enough said.

Best moment? Any scene with Buscemi really or anytime Cage’s mullet is riding the wind.


4. Last Action Hero

Arnold Schwarzenegger has plenty of guilty pleasure flicks to choose from, but this one is brightest of them all. It literally takes the protagonist into the “movie world” where Schwarzenegger’s character, Jack Slater, lives. It bashes on action movies with it’s post-modernist flair, but still manages to be packed with explosions and awesomely cliche gunfights. It’s a beautiful mess, and with a more careful approach, it could’ve been much more than a guilty pleasure.

Best moment? Jack Slater as Hamlet. That should be a real movie.


3. Starship Troopers

A bunch of Kens and Barbies running around killing bugs and spitting out cheesy lines, especially corny war propaganda, makes for an entertainingly mindless Sci-Fi adventure. There’s plenty of kills to satisfy the 10 year old in you, along with soap-opera moments that are so bad they’re good. You might even think about becoming a “citizen” by paying your dues and killing some giant alien bugs with enormous guns after the credits roll.

Best moment? Incoming! Bugs!


2. Night at the Roxbury

Whatever happened to Chris Kattan? Anyways, this one right here is another one of those SNL skits turned into a feature film. Sure, it’s like one long skit, but it still manages to be funny with its one-note characters. Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan make a pretty solid comedic duo, and there’s enough silly toilet humor and ridiculous situations for this to be inviting. I’m still secretly waiting for a sequel.

Best moment? The Emilio Estevez anecdote, hands down.


1. Fast and Furious (All of them)

Dom and his team—family of thieves (the good kind of course) are just too good to put down. The first Fast and Furious installment came out all the way back in 2001, and they just kept getting cheesier and bigger with every sequel. In the first film, the gang was stealing DVD players and snatching pink slips at Race Wars. In Fast and Furious 15, they’ll probably save the world from an alien invasion by drag racing spaceships. It’s all in good fun, of course. With Furious 7, Dom and the gang take it back to living life a quarter mile at a time.

Best moment? Too many. One of them: two Dodge Chargers towing a huge bank vault.


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