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Incredibles 2 is Coming!

Yes, the Fantastic Four reboot managed to miraculously be even worse than the previous installments, but there is a savior coming. A family of superheroes not far away from the Fantastic Four is coming soon; however, they are more on the incredible end. Yes, Incredibles 2 is in the works! Breathe.

Brad Bird is in the director’s chair for this sequel and it should be a great time just like the first go around. Actually, Incredibles is the Fantastic Four film that could’ve been, but never was. Thanks Fox! If you’re like most of the people that watched the first film, you’ve been waiting on the sequel for quite some time now. Pixar usually takes their time with sequels to get the story down right, and that looks to be the case with this film as well.

There isn’t anything really solid that’s been released in terms of the plot, but it’s supposedly character-driven. The story is also speculated to take place about 11 years from the first movie, and we’ll get to see the kids become the next batch of superheroes. Although, the youngest son, Jack-Jack, is rumored to be one of the main villains.

There isn’t a solid release date either, but the film is projected to be released around 2017 and 2018. That’s a long way down the road, but at least they’re going to take their time to do it right. It’s just nice to know that the Incredibles will eventually be back! Carry on ladies and gentlemen.


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