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31 Days of Halloween Episodes: Halloween (New Girl)

Here at Pop Culture Spin we refuse to accept that Halloween is only one day. We’re going to be celebrating Halloween all month, by highlighting one of our favorite Halloween episodes every day. Today’s we’re looking at the New Girl episode “Halloween.”

Basic Info

Directed by: Jesse Peretz

Written by: David Iserson

Episode Number: Season 2, Episode 6

Where to Watch It: Netflix

Why It’s Great

Jess is trying something new by being in a strictly casual relationship with Sam. But, she starts to have real feelings for him and wonders if she should tell him that she wants more from the relationship.

Nick’s former crush Amelia (played by guest star Maria Thayer from Eagleheart) is in town and when they finally get together, he realizes that they’re not as compatible as he expected.

Meanwhile, Winston finally ends his relationship with Shelby after trying to make it work for too long and Schmidt realizes he has to accept Cece’s relationship.

It’s an episode about being honest in relationships that really works. It’s funny and delivers its message with clarity without hitting it too hard.

If you didn’t love Nick and Jess together before this point, this is the episode that sells it.

Why It’s Full of Halloween Spirit

Jess has a job as an actor in a haunted house. Nick is terrified of haunted houses. This creates the perfect Halloween episode set piece, when Nick finds out that Sam doesn’t have real feelings for Jess and runs into the haunted house to tell her despite his fear.

Costume Count

Jess is a zombie

Schmidt is sexy Abraham Lincoln, then Matthew McConaughey in Magic Mike

Winston is Axel Foley from Beverly Hills Cop

Shelby is “Reigning Cats and Dogs”

Cece is an angel

Robbie is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Nick is “Bee Arthur”

Sam is a clown

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