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‘Trick ‘r Treat’ is One of the Best Halloween Movies


Trick ‘r Treat has been slept on when it comes to classic Halloween movies. With a sequel upcoming and cult following growing, it’s worth acknowledging what makes this movie successful. Being a comic book series entitled Trick ‘r Treat: Days of the Dead should enhance its status. However, a cult following implies a degree of lacking widespread appeal failing to reach the masses, but I contend any fan of horror or chills would enjoy Trick ‘r Treat.

The movie features Dylan Baker, Brian Cox, Anna Paquin, and others. If you’re a fan of Leslie Bibb, she has quite a, let’s say, explosively violent role. Is she on the receiving or delivering end of that violence, you ask? One of the most shocking scenes of Trick ‘r Treat is the answer to that question. This spectacular scene setting type of opening establishes the tone for a disturbing movie that epitomizes the word eerie.

Unlike lesser Halloween themed movies, Trick ‘r Treat builds on its developed beginning. We have a chilling backstory about a thirty year ago school bus accident, one that goes essentially as follows. A bus driver was paid by parents to drive a group of mentally challenged kids to their deaths. Horrible, granted, but this is a vital portion of Trick ‘r Treat. As the driver was checking to make sure the kids were chained down, one child freed himself and managed to grab control of the vehicle. Wanting to go home, he instead put the bus in reverse and drove everyone into the lake.

Paquin and Cox fill in important roles, but the rest is probably best unsaid. I’ve given you insight into Trick ‘r Treat‘s standout opening, and its unsettling backstory. The rest will need to be witnessed by your eyes. Once you watch the movie in full, feel free to hit me on Twitter with your thoughts.

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